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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

Who can participate: Any and all children (0-18) Yes, even the babies can participate!!

How it works: 
- Set a goal (minimum 500 minutes of reading time)
- Create a wishlist of books online
- Have your child read (or be read to) over a period of 4 weeks
- Collect pledges from friends and family
- Log all reading time
- Send pledges in, send a screenshot of your pledge sheets and reading logs, receive books!

What you earn:
- Reach your reading goal and 100% of your pledge money goes towards free books for your child
- You/Your child gets to pick the books you earn!
- Raise $100 in pledges and earn one free book
- You can choose to donate any percentage of your pledges to St. Jude if you'd like

How to sign up: 
- Click on this link and fill out the google form by June 4th
- Information and pledge sheets will be sent to you shortly after!
- Join the Facebook event where we'll keep everyone motivated, check progress, share book ideas, and more! Click here to join:

Why you should sign them up:
- If your child is not in school yet, you are setting a good tone by reading to them and enrolling them in programs such as these
- If your child is in school, you can beat the summer slide and keep them occupied and learning
- Friends and Family are going to be eager to offer up pledges for this cause
- Free books!

Hey guys! I'm Katrina (aka Mama)! I love country music, snuggling on the couch with our dog, and playing with our daughter. I am a fibro warrior, a former chemistry teacher, I love watching college football (go aggies!), and I love being a SAHM. Connect with me on Facebook for more adventures!

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