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Friday, July 1, 2016


After potty training, Caroline went accident free for 9 days! 9 days! How amazing is that!?

What we did during those 9 days:
- Occasional reminders to keep underwear dry - very occasional
- Always potty before we go out
- Continuing to praise for asking and going on the toilet (especially in public restrooms)!

Then yesterday and today accidents started happening ALL THE TIME! It is almost as if Caroline forgot she was supposed to hold it or ask to go potty. She was peeing on the floor, peeing in her booster seat at the table, and for the first time she peed in the car seat! Luckily I have a liner in place still.

This is occurring a little after two weeks from our start date.

So, today I decided to go back to frequent reminders, and even the occasional Cocoa puff for dry
underwear checks! This seems to be doing the trick. I'll update soon!

She is obviously still learning the concept as we are only about 2 weeks in. So, accidents are still to be expected. I am still only saying "uh oh", as she already feels bad about it-  don't want to make her feel any worse. She knows what to do, so a simple "uh oh" works for now! I am still placing on the toilet after accidents to give her a chance to finish, then getting everything cleaned up.

UPDATE: This setback lasted for 1.5 days! We are back on track :)

Also an update on potty training during naps: It seems that the underwear with a pull up over them is not yet working. She's wetter than she was before doing this (just wearing a diaper). I may have to eventually go cold turkey again with just underwear on. We are in no hurry and have no need to do this immediately, so we'll wait a bit and keep using the current method with lots of reminders before her nap. Letting her have a good nap is more important right now, so that will be the main focus. If she wakes early, I like to let her stay in her crib for quiet time. This wouldn't end up happening if she was just in underwear. So this is a good fix for now.

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