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Trisomy 13

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This page is in honor of April Rey. April Rey was diagnosed with trisomy 13 when I was 15 weeks pregnant. I'll be documenting our journey on this page.

Our Journey with April Rey

Baby V #2 Update 15 Weeks- The Longest Wait of Our Lives

Trisomy 13 - The Day After Our Heartbreaking News

Genetic Counselor Questions Asked and Answered

Trisomy 13- Why Would I Ever Consider Not Fighting the Fight?

Trisomy 13- Getting More Information & Our Plan Moving Forward

My Worst Fear That I HATE Admitting     

Trisomy 13- April Rey's 17 Week Anatomy Scan

In Honor of April Rey- A Donation That Can Save Lives
Trisomy 13 Stories 

If you'd like to share your story here, I'd be honored. I'd love to read the stories and learn, and I'd love to celebrate your baby's life on this page. I find that the stories found online are under representing those that chose to terminate their pregnancies, and those that chose to carry to term but put their child through no lifesaving measures. I'd love this page to fill that online void. Those parents need a voice so they don't feel alone. So many have chosen this route... we need to hear about it more. Please send me a message if you or someone you know is interested.


A Heartbreaking Choice - "This website supports women who have made the "Heartbreaking Choice" to terminate a much wanted pregnancy."

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep- Find a photographer in your area, resources for specific conditions, information for families that have lost their babies, and so much more. 

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