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We've been making this for Caroline since she was 6 months old. It is easy for her to chew, gets a lot of veggies in her, and she really enjoys it. My husband and I also really like this meal. We tried a few different quiche recipes and tweaked the ingredients until we found our favorite combination.


3 cups of milk
7 large eggs
1 large tomato
1 bell pepper
1 small onion
3 slices ham (make sure it's not honey baked)
4 carrots
1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese

If you have more or less of any of the above ingredients or want to use different vegetables or meat, this recipe is very forgiving.
I NEVER measure anything but the milk.
I just use what I have in the kitchen at the time.
What's listed above is our favorite combination of vegetables and meat.

Grease a 9x13 pan (can also use a muffin pan).

Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Chop all ingredients to desired texture (we do very fine so it's easy for Caroline to chew).

Beat eggs in bowl and stir in milk.

Mix veggies and ham together in separate bowl.

Add cheese and veggies and ham to milk/egg mixture.

Stir and pour in pan.

You can also choose to layer the veggies directly in the pan and pour the cheese/egg/milk mixture over the top.

Cook until firm and slightly brown on the top.

The quiche should bake for approximately 50 minutes.

Once it is cooled, I cut this into smaller sections and freeze them while they are separated on a cutting board. Once they are frozen on the outside, I place them in a gallon sized freezer bag for storage. Takes about 30-40 seconds in the microwave to heat a small portion for Caroline when we need it.

I just got back from my first trip with Caroline (8 months old). I wanted to share what I packed in the carry-on bag for the plane ride. This system worked so well, and I am glad I packed the way I did.

One important decision is figuring out what bag to bring. I decided to baby-wear instead of bringing the stroller to the airport with me, so I wanted a light carry-on option so I wouldn't be carrying too much. Right before my trip, I invested in a rolling duffel bag. Such a good investment! This bag was easy to maneuver in the airport and fit under my seat on the plane. It was big enough to accommodate all of my baby essentials!

One important detail that you'll notice as I go through what I brought, is that I decided to package everything in individual bags. This made finding something while I was on the plane very easy. I was not having to dig through the entire duffel bag to find a tiny toy or diaper. Remember that you will have a baby on your lap, so you want things as easy to find as possible. Therefore, all like items were placed in gallon ziploc bags. This made a world of difference when it came to actually using the contents of the bag.

Items I brought with me:

Diapers and wipes- I packed these together in one bag. I would also recommend bringing a foldable changing pad along (something I didn't think to bring). I thought we could get by without it, but the reality is that airports don't seem to have changing tables. They have counter space. I had to change Caroline on marble counter tops and was wishing I had a pad for her. I ended up using a blanket instead, but in the future will bring a pad. Bring extra diapers (double or triple what you think you'll need under the worst case scenario). You never know if you will get delayed or encounter a poop catastrophe, etc. Plan for the worst so you are prepared for anything!

Toys- Bring your baby's favorite toys along. I packed them away a couple of days before the trip. I wanted her to be extra excited to see them! Bring lots of small options that will keep your little one entertained.

Books- My little one loves holding on and chewing board books. She also really likes the soft books that "crunch" and make noise when you grab at the pages. I brought a couple of these to keep her distracted as well.

Clothes- Assume that you will need a change of clothes for baby. I brought a onesie and a sleeper (in case it was chilly on the plane or in the airport).

Misc- Bring your phone charger and a sippy cup for baby. Don't fill it with water until after you get through security, though. I just went and purchased a water bottle and filled hers up a bit, but you could also go to a coffee shop and ask them to give you some water for free.

Blanket- The temperature is never right- it's either too hot or too cold on the plane and in the airport. So, plan accordingly by bringing a blanket along. Temperature is something that can cause your baby to be uncomfortable, so this is an easy way to help out.

Food- Again, bring extra. Bring double or triple what you'll actually need. Snacks are a great way to distract your baby, and you want easy, mess free options. We brought food pouches and dry snacks. This included yogurt melts, puffs, Hawaiian rolls, graham crackers, cheerios, applesauce, and a variety of flavors of food pouches. I taught her how to use the pouches a couple of days before the trip.

Cloths and bibs- There will be a mess at some point. Be prepared to clean it up. I brought a couple of burp cloths, 2 bibs, some Johnson's hand and face wipes and some tissues.  There were side pockets on the inside of the duffel bag that I kept these in for easy access.

Nursing cover- Sucking helps a baby to pop her ears, so I was planning on nursing on the plane. I nursed after takeoff and as we were making our descent. This helped her a lot and she was never in any pain from her ears needing to be popped. If you aren't nursing, bring formula and bottles to use instead. 

Sound machine- I never ended up needing this, but I know that the airport can be loud. If Caroline needed to sleep in the airport, I wanted to be able to create a nice environment for her to sleep in. I am glad I had this with me as a just in case scenario.

Emergency options- Imagine your baby screaming on the plane. You want an emergency backup plan that you know will distract her well. For us, those items were a Tupperware, a spatula, and a toy book that plays music. I also threw in a stuffed animal at the last second. These are some of her absolute favorites, so I knew they'd get the job done if I needed to bring them out. Luckily, we never needed them.

Additional items- In addition to all of the above, you may want to consider bringing baby Tylenol and some Orajel. I put these in the bag that I checked, because I knew I wasn't going to need them for my 2 hours of traveling. If you are on a long trip, however, I'd suggest bringing them along.

Hey Mamas!!

I want YOUR stories ...

So one of my favorite things about blogging, is sharing real stories with other mamas. I hated when I read other blogs and was doing research and only found "ideal" scenarios (ex: everyone's baby seemed to be sleeping through the night at 6 wo). I wanted to read about real stories.

I've decided to put together a series called "Real Moms, Real Stories" and each time I do it, it will have a different focus. The first one is going to be on SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.

They can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book (ok within reason haha). They don't need to be anything fancy, though.

Things you might want to include:
- How old was your baby when they started sleeping through the night?
- What (if anything) did you do to help your baby sleep through the night?
- Did you notice anything in particular holding your baby back?
- Would you do anything different next time?
- If you have multiple did your experiences differ?
- Anything else you want to include

I'd like to get these by Sunday 8/2. 
Just need them emailed to me:
In the subject line, please include "real moms, real stories- STTN"

If you want it anonymous let me know, otherwise you can include
Baby's Name(s):
Baby's Age(s):
Blog (if you have one):
Picture - just send it as an attachment or in the email itself

Feel free to get other mom friends involved as well. Just have them email me! Thank you in advance! I am so excited to put this together!

Also if you have any ideas on what the next "Real Moms, Real Stories" topic should be feel free to post those in the comments on this page.

Caroline just got back from her first trip. She did amazing on all fronts!

The plane ride: Caroline rocked this! I adjusted her schedule a bit for the day so that we could time things right. I wanted her to nurse right after we took off so I could help her pop her ears. She ate and then slept. She woke up with a little time left and played with some toys in my lap. She simply did amazing on the way there and back. Everyone told me that they had never seen such a great baby before!

Meeting new people: On this trip, Caroline met 2 great aunts, 2 great grandparents, an uncle and 3 cousins. She also saw her aunt and grandparents again. It was people overload for her. She handled it like a champ! She let her cousins play with her, kiss her, give her toys, take them away, jump, scream, etc. She was patient, tolerant, curious and loving. She was fine with other people holding her and interacting with her. She gave kisses and hugs and was generally content with everyone.

Great grandpa and 2 great aunts
Great grandma

Meeting her 3 cousins

Keeping on schedule: For the most part, Caroline kept her schedule. She was overstimulated and overtired from all of the commotion, so her first nap was around 30 minutes long. She was still able to make it until 30 minutes before her usual next nap time. Her second nap became a nice long nap (2 hours). She put herself to sleep for bedtime until the last 2 nights. She needed 5 minutes of cuddling to go down for naps since she was in a new environment. On the last 2 days she was done, however. Both naps became 30 minutes, and bedtime was impossible. She wanted to be home. She was overstimulated by far and needed a break. Considering that we were on our trip for 8 days, I'd say she did pretty well at keeping her cool for most of the trip!

Trying new things: She tried new food, played with new toys, and interacted with new people. She did all of this without any complaints. She was flexible and easy going. Mama was proud!

Going potty: Caroline's preference for pooping on the toilet did not go away on this trip. In the airport on our way to Atlanta, she had to go. I took her in and put her on the toilet. She was too distracted to go. This made me a bit nervous, because she wasn't going to be home for 8 days, and she was going to need to poop! She adjusted very well, however. She went no problem at my parent's house and even went in public restrooms twice! We were out to dinner when she had to go. It was a fancy Italian restaurant that I knew didn't have a changing table, so I gave her time to go in her diaper and was planning on heading to the car to clean her up. I could tell she wasn't going, however. I took her into the restroom and put her on the toilet. She went immediately. Then I had the task of cleaning up my 8 month old baby with no changing table! We managed... LOL!

On a side note, she is now peeing on the toilet as well! 99% of the time when I put her on the toilet, she pees as well as poops. I have no idea when she is just peeing throughout the day, so we are far from potty trained, but she is catching on so quickly!

Continuing to learn new skills: On this trip, Caroline mastered a couple of skills! A couple of days prior to our trip, I was mentioning to a couple of other mamas that she was refusing to try and help feed herself. Well that has changed. She is picking food up pretty well and getting it into her mouth all on her own now. She turned a corner with this while we were on the trip. She also mastered rolling in her attempt to crawl. She is really wanting to crawl, but when she tries, all she does is roll. Well, this got her rolling, rolling, rolling. I set her down on the bed one day, and in a couple of seconds she had rolled all the way to the other side. She had never done that before! We have a baby on the move now! No doubt crawling is soon to come as she is very focused on it and wants to move forward so badly.

I will soon be taking a trip to visit my family, and I will be bringing my almost 8 month old daughter along. My husband is busy during the summer months, so he will not be able to come on this trip, nor will he be able to drive us to the airport. So, in preparation, I am doing my research ahead of time, so I know what to expect on our travel adventure. Here is my plan:

Stroller or backpack carrier?

Since I am driving myself to the airport, having to park in long term parking, and taking a shuttle from the parking lot to the airport, I am leaving the stroller at home. I simply can't imagine having to get on the shuttle with a stroller, a baby, a suitcase and the bag I am taking on the plane with us. I simply don't have enough hands. 

Instead, I am bringing my baby carrier. My daughter loves riding in it, and having her in it will allow me to be hands free. I can load everything onto the shuttle, get our tickets, deal with security, etc., all with her in the carrier.

I figure if I really end up needing a stroller while we are on vacation, I will buy a little umbrella stroller for $10. Problem solved! 

Carry-on essentials

  • Airline tickets
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Consent form (apparently if only one parent is flying, it is possible that the ticket counter asks for a consent form from your spouse allowing the child to fly). This has to be notarized and include the child's name, who they are traveling with, where they are traveling, a statement of permission, along with contact information.
    I just called my airline (Southwest) to check about this and they DO NOT require it, but other airlines might.
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Blanket
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Change of clothes for baby
  • Plastic bags
  • Snacks/Solid food for baby (easy/minimal mess)
    • Fruit pouches
    • Yogurt melts
    • Pancakes
  • Milk (we are breastfeeding... but if you need formula, that would also be on the list.)
  • Sippy cup (fill with water once through security- a coffee shop should be able to help you out)
  • Tissues
  • Hand and face wipes
  • Bibs
  • Burp cloths 
  • Nursing cover
  • Sound machine (may help baby sleep and drown out some of the noise if sleeping in the airport)

Going through security

As of 2011, you are allowed to wear your baby through security in a soft structured carrier. You are not required to remove your baby from the carrier.

You will most likely be required to do an additional screening. This will include a hand swab that is very quick.

You are always allowed to opt out of the fancy imaging machines that some airports have you walk through. They will simply do a pat down instead. I plan to do this since I am wearing my baby. I also did this when I was pregnant.

You are allowed to bring food; it simply has to go through the x-ray machine and does not need to be in bags or separated out.

You are allowed to bring more than 3 ounces of liquid (breastmilk, formula, and/or medicine for baby). You simply have to declare it at security. It still has to be in a Ziploc back and separated from your other items. They might test the liquids as well, so be prepared to open liquids and give them a sample. We won't be worrying about this since she is breastfed. I will be bringing an empty sippy cup that we will fill up with water once we are through security.

Your stroller has to be folded down and placed onto the belt to go through the x-ray machine (another reason I am not bringing a stroller- as this is a hassle).

Other Considerations

Aisle seat or window seat? 

I haven't decided which is best yet.
Aisle seat- allows you to get up move around with your baby. It allows you to go to the restroom without having to ask people to move. It also allows you to stand as soon as the plane lands and is done taxiing, instead of getting stuck in your seat. I usually get an aisle seat for this reason, as my tailbone is usually killing me by then.
Window seat- will be better for privacy if you're nursing (which most likely I will need to). Also, if your baby is sleeping, you won't have to chance getting disturbed by the person next to you that suddenly wants out of their seat.

Either way, since I am flying Southwest, and it is open seating, I plan on letting anyone that sits next to me know that I will be nursing. I want them to have a chance to move if it makes them uncomfortable. 

Car seat

For us this is a non issue, since I am driving myself to the airport, and my parents will be picking me up. They already have a car seat that my daughter will be able to use. 

Car seats are one time use, however. If a seat is in an accident, it won't necessarily show any signs of damage. The reason I bring this up is that checking a car seat on a plane is not ideal. The car seat could be thrown around and damaged. We've all had luggage come back damaged. That damage may not be visible, just like the damage from a car accident wouldn't necessarily be apparent on the car seat. 

If there is a time that I need to have a car seat with me, I plan to do one of the following options:
  1.  Take the car seat onto the plane. You can attach it to the seat just as you would in a car. With this option you have to lug it around the airport, and you have to pay for a seat for baby.
  2. Buy an inexpensive car seat, check it (in its original box so no damage will occur), and use it at your destination. The original shipping box accounts for being thrown around in shipping and makes the risk of damage much less. I'd either give it away or sell it before we return home.
  3. Look into getting a rental car with a car seat in it for our destination.


My daughter is so young that, when I booked the tickets, I knew her schedule would change by the time our trip came around. So, I didn't worry about our schedule. Ideally, however, you would keep this in mind. Perhaps plan the trip during a nap if you think your baby will sleep. If you think your baby is going to be too interested to sleep, plan the flight to be just after a nap.

In general, flying in the morning is best. The airports haven't had a chance to get delayed yet, and babies tend to be more flexible at the start of their day. You'll know what's best for you and your baby though, and each circumstance will be different.

Popping ears

Don't forget that your baby will need help popping his ears! Just after takeoff, I've read that it is best to give your baby something to drink (bottle/nurse/sippy cup) to help pop his ears. Worst case, give him something to suck on and that should help as well.

Experienced travelers... what tips and tricks have you learned along the way? Leave a comment and let us know!

Once I give this whole traveling with baby thing a shot, I'll have an updated post to write! I'm sure I'll have adjusted my plan and have some tricks up my sleeve for next time!

This week, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom blog is featuring a number of success stories. Each day, Valerie is posting real stories from real moms. These are just the types of blog posts I love reading!

Head to the Babywise Success Stories Week page to read them all!

I am honored to be one of the stories she is running this week. Many of you already read this post back in June, titled Coincidence or Babywise?

If you missed it, or care to read it again, it is all about how I found the Babywise method, and why I love it so much.

"Before Caroline came into this world, I was taking every last second to read, read, read. I was reading about how often I should expect to feed my baby, change her diaper, how long her naps should be and how frequent, when she'd be sleeping through the night, and on and on. I was trying to get a glimpse into what my life would be like, and the engineer in me wanted to be prepared. I knew that there would suddenly be a lot of things in my life that I had no control over, so I wanted to have as much insight as I could, and wanted to control the little things- the no brainers." more

It's been 3 months.
3 months since our daughter learned to put herself to sleep.
3 months since she has needed our help to close her eyes.
It's been even longer since we've held her for a nap.
Such a big girl, she sleeps in her crib on her own for naps and bedtime.

We rocked her to sleep every night for 4 months. We bounced, walked, rocked, talked, etc., until she fell asleep in our arms. We did the same for naps for about 3 months. We had a love hate relationship with the bedtime and nap processes. We loved holding her when she was sleeping, and loved to get snuggles. We disliked spending hours pacing around, and having to lay her down ever so gently, as to not disturb her, so we wouldn't have to start the process all over again.

We miss getting baby time. She's growing so quickly. It is exciting and fascinating to watch. But we get less and less snuggles as she grows and becomes more independent. I don't hold her for naps, because she gets better rest without me there. We don't rock her to sleep, because she puts herself to sleep better than we can.

Last night, however, she was soooooo tired. So tired that she fell asleep in my arms. It's happened recently when maybe she needed our help getting back to sleep, but it is a rarity now. It is so sweet that we don't want to put her down. She is so peaceful to watch, and she is so content. 

Her face is relaxed, her lips pucker over and over, as she gives in to the tiredness that is consuming her body. She curls up and buries her face into you for comfort. I held on tight, so as not to forget the moment. Daddy lifted her from my lap, her arms limp to the sides as he raised her. He held her and she snuggled right in. He put her down in her crib, put her sleep sack around her, her arms through, and zipped her up for the night. She stayed asleep. 

We stood watching her for several minutes. Her long eye lashes dark against her skin are so beautiful. Her smooth, unblemished skin so perfect and soft. Her lips still puckering in her sleep are soft and gentle. Her arms are up over her head. We watched and took it all in. We didn't have to exchange any words- we just held on to one another and watched our amazing girl together in silence. It was perfect.

About an hour later, we heard her fussing. She was overtired when she fell asleep the first time, so this was to be expected. It's hard to sleep and stay asleep when you are an overtired baby! She seemed uncomfortable as we watched her on the monitor. So, instead of letting her work through it like we normally would have, we excitedly went in to give her some help and get some more hugs and kisses. She was wide awake. 

She had been so tired that we hadn't even gotten to do storytime before bed. So, we grabbed her and read a book. She sat on Daddy's lap as he read to her. I sat on the floor nearby, and she smiled at me with delight. She grabbed at the book and held on tight. Then she grabbed another book and lifted it off of the table with her strong arms. She was so proud of her accomplishment. She looked at me to make sure I'd seen it. I smiled and we told her "good job". She jumped with delight. She laughed and laughed. She reached out so far, and I leaned in for kisses. She grabbed my face and gave me good, wet kisses :) She looked up at Daddy and grabbed at his face. She studied him. She leaned in a gave him a big kiss as well. She's stingy with her kisses unless it's for Mama. We cried. Tears came from Daddy's eyes which caused them to pour from Mama's eyes. Our daughter is so sweet, and she loves us so much. We are the luckiest people in the world.

We played for 45 minutes. She played with her wooden puzzle, her books, and Lenny the lion. I fed her a small snack, we changed her and put her to bed. She needed more help this time, so we held her until she fell asleep. We took in every second, every moment, every sweet touch, and every sweet kiss. 

The best moments are the moments you don't expect. They are the moments that are unplanned, random events in time. They are the best. They take you by surprise, and they steal your heart. Last night was one of the best family moments we've had. She was so excited to be up again after she'd gone to bed, and that smile- that laugh- it's contagious. Her cuddles, her kisses, and her sleepy snuggles- they are priceless. 

If men gave birth, they'd be so proud of their accomplishment.
If men gave birth, they'd be so proud of their bodies.
If men gave birth, they'd compete with one another for the biggest and baddest scars.
If men gave birth, they'd whip out their penis and show the world where they had to get stitches.
If men gave birth, they'd know the exact number of stitches it had taken to repair the tearing- the higher the number, the more they'd brag.
If men gave birth, they'd show their battle scars to the world- the longer the scar the better.
If men gave birth, they'd be so proud of their c-section scar, they'd measure it and tattoo the number next to it.
If men gave birth, they'd show off their newly earned fat ripples with pride.
If men gave birth, they'd brag about their stretch marks- the darker the better.
If men gave birth, women would find those battle scars sexy.
If men gave birth, women would find their confidence sexy.

Women give birth, and they are proud of their accomplishment.
Women give birth, and they do everything they can to get back to their pre-pregnancy body.
Women give birth, and they do everything they can to hide even the tiniest of scars.
Women give birth, and they don't even like to talk about the stitches.
Women give birth, and they don't talk about the tearing.
Women give birth, and they refuse to put on a bathing suit because they are ashamed of the way they look.
Women give birth, and they go on diets to get rid of the fat ripples.
Women give birth, and they buy all sorts of creams to fade away the stretch marks.
Women give birth, and men still find them sexy.
Women give birth, and judge their own bodies as well as other women's bodies.
Women give birth, and are their own worst critics.

When we look at our babies, we see nothing but perfection.
When our moms look at us (their babies), they see nothing but perfection.
When our loving husbands look at us, they see nothing but perfection.
When our loving husbands look at us, they see strength.
When our babies look at us, they see pure beauty.

When are we going to start looking at ourselves and see beauty?

It starts with us.

Look in the mirror and see the battle scars, see the fat ripples, see the new curves, see the sagging skin, see the stretch marks and LOVE them. Those things are all a result of growing and birthing a human being. That's pretty kick ass, mama! Accept them as a part of your new life. Your new life is so amazing. Your new life includes being a mama. There is nothing more beautiful than that. Once you accept your new beauty, you will be confident again. You will teach your son/daughter about positive body image. You will be free to put that bathing suit on and enjoy playing with your children. It feels amazing. I challenge you to give it a try.

My love of fluffy butts....

I had no idea that I was going to love cloth diapering as much as I do. I initially started cloth diapering simply to save money. In order for me to be a SAHM, we had to save a few bucks here and there. This was a huge help! My sister turned me on to the idea, and while I was skeptical at first, now I wouldn't do it any other way.

1. It saves me money

Let's do some calculations to prove this!

Baby is in diapers for 2 years (730 days)
Baby uses 8 diapers per day
Baby uses 1 wipe per diaper change

  • Disposable diapers

    • Diaper cost:
      Using the bulk Up&Up brand (on the inexpensive end)
      192 diapers costs $37.99
      8 diapers x 730 days= 5840 diapers needed
      5840 diapers/192 diapers per pack = 31 packs of diapers
      31 packs x $37.99 = $1177 over the course of 2 years
    • Wipes cost:
      Using the bulk Up&Up brand (on the inexpensive end)
      800 wipes costs $13.04
      1 wipe x 8 diaper changes x 730 days= 5840 wipes needed
      5840 wipes/ 800 wipes per pack = 8 packs of wipes
      8 packs x $13.04 = $104 over the course of 2 years
    • Diaper pail cost:
      1 diaper genie costs $20 (cheapest version)     
    • Diaper pail inserts cost:
      250 inserts cost $6.79
      Each insert then costs $0.03
      Let's assume 1 insert is used for 4 days
      730 days/4 days=  183 inserts that will be used over the course of 2 years
      This means you'd be buying 1 pack of 250 inserts (just not using all of them)
      250 inserts cost $6.79

Total disposable diaper cost over 2 years: approximately $1308


  • Cloth diapers

    • Diaper cost:
      New pocket diapers (the most expensive out of all the options) are $20 each
      Used pocket diapers are $10 each
      I would recommend having 35 diapers (so you don't have too much laundry)
      Cost of new cloth diapers would be 35 x $20 = $700
      Cost of used cloth diapers would be 35 x $10= $350
    • Wipes cost:
      I would recommend having 35 cloth wipes
      Wipes are $1
      Cost of wipes would be 35 x $1 = $35 
    • Trash can cost:
      A simple, tall kitchen trash can will work
      Cost of trash can is $10 
    • Pail liners cost:
      I would recommend 2 pail liners (1 to use while washing the other)
      1 liner is $15
      2 liners x $15 = $30
    • Wet bags for on the go:
      I would recommend 2 wet bags
      1 wet bag is $8
      2 wet bags x $8 = $16
    • Diaper inserts
      These come with the diapers, however you could choose to upgrade to more absorbent inserts. Let's assume we upgrade to charcoal bamboo inserts.
      1 insert = $1
      35 inserts x $1 = $35
    • Diaper liners
      These are not needed, but you could choose to use them for easy disposal of poop.
      200 liners cost $10
      Using them every diaper change:
      8 changes x 730 days= 5840 liners
      5840 liners/ 200 liners per roll = 30 rolls needed
      30 rolls x $10 = $300 
      More likely: you'll know what time of day your little one poops and be able to use 2 liners per day as a worst case scenario:
      2 liners x 730= 1460 liners
      1460 liners/200 liners per roll= 8 rolls needed
      8 rolls x $10 = $80 
    • Extra cost for laundering (water and electricity):
      For a 3 month period, our water cost increased $10 from the previous year
      For another 3 month period, our water cost had 0 change from the previous year
      Let's average that to say every 3 months water cost will increase $5
      There are 8, 3 month periods in 2  years
      Water cost is 8 x $5= $40
      Keep in mind that water usage also increases simply from bathing baby, washing more dishes, baby clothes etc. (I've essentially put this entire burden on cloth diapering to show the worst case cost difference) 
      Electricity cost is hard to judge because of so many other factors.
      I looked at our bill during non "peak" months. In March, our kWh went slightly up, and April went slightly down from the previous year. They offset one another, and there does not seem to be a change in our electric bill that is of any significant amount.


Total cloth diaper cost with most expensive options (new diapers, liners used every time, inserts upgraded, etc.) = $1166

Total cloth diaper cost with least expensive options (used diapers, liners not used, inserts not upgraded, etc.)= $481 

While this is a rough estimate, disposable diapers are roughly $150 more if compared to the most expensive cloth diapering option. This is a conservative estimate because most likely, more wipes and pail inserts are used, and if your baby is using diapers past the age of 2 (likely), this gap will grow even larger. I purchased used cloth diapers, so this difference is even greater at roughly 2.5x the cost (or $827 more).

This isn't even taking into consideration using the cloth diapers again for baby #2, #3, etc. Nor is it considering the resale value of used diapers. I will be able to make back $10 per diaper when I am done with them!

Even with the most expensive cloth diapering option, if you have a second baby, you'd only be spending $300 on diaper liners (if you even choose to use these) for your second round of cloth diaper usage, versus spending another $1308 with disposables for baby #2.

If you sell your used cloth diapers, you can make $10 back on each, or $350 total. You can also sell your upgraded inserts, pail liners, etc. So, you can make a decent amount of money back when you are done.

2. It prevents the dreaded poop blowout

I had heard this from other mamas, but it isn't until you see how much poop these diapers can actually hold, that you have an appreciation for it! We started with disposable diapers, and one day I ended up with a lap full of poop. Not my favorite moment. Since then, we've had near blowouts in our cloth, but they never managed to actually overfill. I have no idea how, because sometimes I would open that diaper to find more poop than I could ever imagine, but somehow it had stayed in.


3. We are not adding to the landfills 

This benefit is obvious. Helping the environment is always a plus. Instead of throwing close to 6000 diapers into a landfill over the course of 2 years, I am not disposing of anything! That's pretty awesome!

4. I find other reasons to go to Target

With cloth diapers, I don't end up having to make a trip to the store to get diapers. There is no last minute rush, no lugging boxes to the car, etc. We still find our ways to make it to Target and purchase other things, of course, but diapers aren't one of them.

5. Baby's butt is chemical free

This isn't why I cloth diapered to begin with, and disposable diapers and wipes don't have crazy harmful chemicals, but I have to say I am very happy to just be using water on my baby's butt. No nasty wipe solution, no diapers with chemicals, etc. This is an added bonus. 

I recently tried disposable diapers for a few days and I noticed small little gel crystals on occasion that ended up on my daughter's skin. This happened with two different kinds of diapers. This is not a concern when using cloth.

6. They grow with your baby

The pocket diapers I purchased are one sized diapers- meaning they grow with your baby. They have 3 different rise snaps, and as your baby grows, the diaper does too. Therefore, you are not having to buy more diapers as your baby gets bigger.

7. It's easier than it sounds 

Despite what you may or may not have heard, cloth diapering is pretty simple. If you breastfeed, the poop is water soluble and goes straight into the washer. You don't have to touch poop or scrape it off! When you start baby on solids, there is about a 1 month period where your baby's poop is a peanut butter consistency. This poop does have to be scraped off and thrown out, or you can use liners and just dump the entire liner in the trash or toilet. It is a short lived period, however. Once the poop becomes more solid, you just plop it into the toilet or trash- no scraping or liners required. You can also do like we do and place your baby on the toilet to poop starting around 5 months to avoid dealing with it all together.

With 35 diapers, I do laundry every 3-4 days. It is not that time consuming and you get into a good routine where you hardly notice it.

Oh and by the way, cloth diapers have snaps now! You can go old school and use diaper pins with prefolds and covers, or you can use pocket diapers that snap on so easily- no pins required. They are just as easy to put on your baby, if not easier than disposable diapers.

8. They don't smell

I just recently tried disposable diapers for a few days. I am going on a trip soon, and don't want to have to worry about doing laundry while I am away, so I will be using disposables for convenience. I wanted to try them for a few days to make sure my daughter would be alright with using them, and to make sure we had a good nighttime option. I find myself changing her ALL the time because she smells like pee! Instead of going a couple of hours like I do with cloth, I am changing her almost every hour just to avoid the smell. We've tried two brands, and I even checked with some friends to see if this is "normal". Apparently it is. This in and of itself is reason enough for me to use cloth.

Click here for more money saving tips and ideas! Also, learn all about the different types of cloth diapers!

Schedules and routines are VERY different and very important- each in its own way.

For a complete list of sample schedules by month, please visit the baby schedules page. Each page also talks about specific struggles you may encounter during that particular month.

When you are just starting to establish schedules and routines with your baby, it is important to remember that in the first couple of months, you are more focused on routines. You should have a schedule in mind, but it is simply a goal during the first 2 months. You and your baby are working to figure out the perfect schedule together, and your baby is going through a lot of changes- including growth spurts at 3, 6, & 9 weeks- which means he might be extra hungry and the schedule may need to change during those weeks.


A schedule refers to the timing of your day: when you feed your baby, when your baby naps, when your baby goes to bed, etc. It is all about WHEN.

  • The set schedule: Baby wakes up for the day, eats, naps, and sleeps at the same time every day (give or take 30 minutes). 
    • These are the types of schedules I have followed and recommend. Take a look at the baby schedules page for some examples. They involve waking your baby at the same time every morning, feeding your baby at the same time each day, and waking your baby from naps in order to keep the schedule on track. I flex my schedules by 30 minutes (no more), if I feel that my daughter needs more sleep. If she is sick, I am not focused on the schedule, but ironically, she seems to still keep the same schedule for the most part.
  • The flexible schedule: Baby wakes on her own and is fed and takes naps at the same intervals throughout each day.
    • Example: Your baby might eat every 3 hours. If she wakes up and eats at 8 am, she'd eat again at 11 am. If the next day your baby wakes up at 7 am, she'd eat again at 10 am. The same would ring true for naps throughout the day. You might be putting your baby down for naps after 1.5 hours of wake time, etc. 
    • Personally, I do not recommend this  as it would impact the baby's bedtime, which is a critical time of the day and babies can get extra fussy if they are kept up too late into the evening. I also like the predictability of being able to plan my day tomorrow and the next day. I can set up a playdate or an appointment, because I know exactly when my baby will be napping, sleeping, and awake. 


A routine refers to how you do things: how you put your baby to sleep for bedtime , how you put them down for naps, etc. It is all about HOW. Routines help your baby to know what is expected of them at that time. Our babies may not always understand our language, but they do understand the cues that we give them, and routines can be extremely helpful in getting your point across to your baby. 

  • Bedtime routines- This is the single most important routine you will create. You are trying to tell your baby it is bedtime. You are trying to explain to him that this is different than a nap, and that it is now nighttime where the expectation is to be sleeping. Your baby will learn your routine and start to know what it means. It will help him go to sleep faster because he knows what the routine is leading up to.
    • We decided on a short, simple bedtime routine. When it's bedtime, we want to be able to put our baby down quickly. Notice we do not bathe as a part of bedtime.

      Our bedtime routine is as follows:
      • Feed
      • Change into nighttime diaper and clothes
      • Read a story
      • Turn the lights out
      • Close the curtains
      • Turn the sound machine on
      • Put into sleep sack
      • Hugs and kisses (cuddle time if she doesn't quite look tired yet)
      • Lay down in crib
  • Nap time routines- These should be a shortened version of your bedtime routine. Again, he will learn what you are trying to tell him by the cues, and it will mentally prepare him for sleeping during nap time.
    • My daughter knew this routine so well (by 4.5 months, she would yawn and start to rub her eyes in the middle of the routine and snuggle into me)

      Our nap time routine is as follows:
      • Turn the lights out
      • Close the curtains
      • Turn the sound machine on
      • Hugs and kisses

Notice that our routines are nothing fancy. They are short and sweet. A routine does not have to be lengthy to be effective.
  • Eat, wake, sleep routines- This is the basic routine of the entire day. Your baby learns that she eats, then gets some playtime, then sleeps. She will learn what is next on the agenda and be more inclined to participate. This routine will enable your baby to fall asleep without needing to be fed. This is a key step in making sure your baby learns to self soothe and put herself to sleep.

Schedules and routines are extremely effective when used together. The schedule will allow you to be attempting naps and bedtime when your baby is just tired enough, but not too tired. When you have a good schedule, your baby will go down for naps and bedtime easily. The routines will simply provide a heads up to your baby as to what time it is and what is expected. Schedules and routines provide predictability, which provides comfort to your baby, ad makes mama happy, too!

Other posts that may be of interest:

For about a month and a half, we have been putting Caroline on the toilet when she needs to poop. It is so easy to see that she needs to poop by the look on her face, that it has been very easy to get her to the toilet in time. There have been the occasional poops while she naps, in which case it happens in her diaper. There have also been the moments where she gets distracted in the bathroom and seems to forget about her urge to poop. Overall, however, this process has been going great! She poops on the toilet 99% of the time.

When she has to poop, the poop face says it all. Big eyes look over at me as her face gets red and she starts to grunt. The looking at me part is new (in the last week and a half or so). I swear she's looking at me like "Mama, it's time. Let's go to the toilet". Obviously, I know that I'm probably making that up, as she's only 7 months old and probably isn't telling me that. She is old enough to have likes and dislikes, however, and is starting to show her preferences, so it is not totally absurd for her to be wanting to poop in the toilet rather than her diaper.

This morning, I put her on the toilet and she got distracted. The poop urge was gone. I feel bad when this happens. So when she seemed to want to poop again a little while later, I figured I'd just let her go in her diaper. We were on Skype with my mom, and she was sitting in her high chair finishing up breakfast. I decided to leave her where she was. She looked at me with big eyes and I told her it was ok to go ahead and go. She grunted several times and looked as if she was pooping. Ten minutes later she was still going. I waited until she had seemed to finish, and took her upstairs to clean her up. She hadn't pooped! After all that red faced, big eyed, grunting- she hadn't pooped. I realized my mama gut might just be right- those eyes were telling me something! I put her on the toilet, and the poop came- instantly. She looked so relieved. I felt so bad. She waited until she was on the toilet to poop. She had refused to poop in her diaper!

Don't get me wrong, I get that she isn't potty trained at 7 months. I also get that she will poop in her diaper again at some point. But, I also get that my daughter is starting to show preferences, and this might just be one of them. It makes sense! I would imagine it's easier to get out as there is actually room for the poop instead of being met with diaper resistance, and I would imagine it is more pleasant for her (Who wants to sit in poop?). Of course, we haven't been able to teach her to pee in the toilet yet. While she has peed in the toilet, there is no way to know when she is peeing in order to stop her and redirect her to the toilet instead of her diaper. She is well on her way, though! What a smart girl she is!

I received a phone call today from my neighbor. She asked if I'd be home because her sister (also my neighbor) wanted to talk to me. I told her I was home and to come on over! I frantically tried to pick up the mess, swept the dog hair that had accumulated in the corners of the room, and moved the dirty dishes from the counter to the sink so they were at least less visible.

When her sister arrived, I invited her in. Instead of coming in, she invited me outside and said she had something for Princessita (what she calls Caroline). I was surprised to say the least, and walked out with her. She walked me over to her car that was filled with bags of toys and little girl clothes. I stood there in shock, as she explained to me that this was all for Caroline. I was speechless and didn't know what to say. And as I write this, my eyes are filling with tears.

She explained to me that a lady that she works for also has a little girl, and that she is moving. She immediately thought of us (her neighbor), and asked the lady to set aside anything she might not want to move- any of the toys, clothes, etc., because she has a neighbor with a little baby girl that could use these items. She thought of us. She continued to go on and say that we'd been such lovely neighbors, that she wanted to do this for us. The lady set aside so much stuff for her to bring to us.

My living room was suddenly filled with toys and bags of clothes. There were bags of shoes still in boxes and hardly, if ever, worn. There were activity tables, pool toys, a chair with an ottoman for a little girl, and so much more. I thanked her a million times and stood staring at my living room, thinking of the huge act of kindness that was just bestowed upon us. My eyes filled with tears, and I realized there was no way I could ever thank her enough.

She came back again that evening with even more bags full of wonderful items. She told us she'd be back again next week with even more.

I am at a loss for words. There is nothing I can ever do to thank her enough. I haven't gone through much of the items yet, but I can see that there are toddler sized clothes and shoes, baby toys and big girl toys. My neighbor, and this lady that she works for, just gave us such an incredible gift that will be useful for YEARS to come.

I told her I would pay it forward and I plan to do so. When we are done with these items they will be given away to a good home. If there is anything now, as I go through everything, that we won't need, I will give it to a family that can use it. We have already started the sharing process with other families!

And I will find a way to thank her. Somehow. Nothing will ever be enough in my eyes, and I know she won't accept much from us. I will find a way, though. I am starting with a homemade lasagna. No one turns away food, right?!?

I love taking the time to reach out to other mamas and answer their questions about schedules, Babywise methods in general, and help them troubleshoot any particular "issues" that they may be encountering with their little one(s). The most common comment I hear from other moms is that they "don't want to create bad habits". They are so scared of this that they are trying to follow the perfect Babywise schedule, they are trying to not rock their baby to sleep, trying to not nurse their baby to sleep, and they get super distressed if they aren't successful at any of the above.

So, it got me thinking about all of the times I feared that I was "creating a bad habit". In those first few months, you are very aware of everything you've read NOT to do. And you are very aware of the moments that you do those things. You sit there wondering how it is even possible to not rock your baby to sleep. Many moms even go so far as to think they are doing something wrong, and not succeeding at their job as a mom. 

Fear not, ladies! You are NOT creating bad habits- especially if you are aware of the habits that you don't want to create. The fact that you are trying to teach your baby to not rely on you to rock them to sleep, or to not nurse to sleep, etc., is the part that is going to make you successful. You have good intentions and you will succeed at your goal- even if you have setbacks here and there. The first few months are not about creating the perfect baby. The first few months are about helping your baby adjust to the new world, helping your baby get to sleep, helping your baby learn day from night, and helping your baby start routines and a schedule. It is not easy, but the day will come when you look back on these months and laugh at how hard you were on yourself. If you've heard the phrase "the fourth trimester"- it is real! Once you get through it, things get easier!

To start with, let me give you some insight as to when we were starting to see the success shine through:

  • Month 1- she learned day vs night
  • Month 2- she was starting to nap "on time"
  • Month 3- she was able to stay awake after the last nursing session (so I no longer felt like I was nursing to sleep)
  • Month 3- she was napping "on time" and was in her crib
  • Month 3- I was able to lay her down in her crib (awake) for naps and bounce the mattress for maybe 5 minutes as she fell asleep
  • Month 3- she FINALLY moved past the 45 minute naps
  • Month 4- after sleep training was completed, she put herself to sleep for bedtime and naps with no crying (we'd lay her down wide awake and walk out)
  • Month 4- she dropped all MOTN (middle of the night) wakings

My daughter is now 7 months old. She has been putting herself to sleep for bedtime and naps for 3 months. She has been sleeping through the night for 3 months, as well. She takes a 2 hour nap and a 1.5 hour nap. She is happy, healthy, and very content when she is awake and when she is sleeping.

I definitely had my moments of thinking I was "creating bad habits", however. 
Here are some of the things that I did:
- When my daughter was about 2 months old, she had a MOTN waking in the early, early morning. I would feed her and then I couldn't get her to let me lay her back down. Nothing worked. I could get her to sleep (rocking and bouncing her), but I'd lay her down and she'd be wide awake and crying. The only thing that worked was to hold her. SO.... I took her to bed with me. We CO-SLEPT from that MOTN waking until our 7 am wake up. She slept in my arms, and I closed my eyes a few times, but mostly stayed awake because I was worried about her. It at least allowed me to get some rest. We did this for nearly 2 weeks!
- We pretty much rocked her to sleep every night until she was 4 months old. We knew we didn't want her reliant on this, so as soon as she'd close her eyes, we'd try and lay her down in her crib. She'd wake up and we'd repeat the process again and again. Eventually, however, we'd lose our patience with the process and just hold her until she was dead asleep in our arms, and then put her down. It made me nervous to do this, but we did it. And, despite this, she was still able to learn to put herself to sleep at the early age of 4 months!
- I nursed her to sleep and I nursed her for comfort. There were so many times she'd fall asleep while nursing in the evening in those first 2 months. We'd lay her down asleep. She ALWAYS woke back up in about 30 minutes, however, because she was so surprised to be in her crib and not in my arms. So, I started waking her up just enough to let her know she was being put down and that seemed to help. I also nursed her for comfort many times. There was a point when she was 3 months old and only waking once in the MOTN- I knew she was not hungry as she was not asking to eat. I fed her anyway, because it was the easy thing to do. It comforted her and got us both back to sleep sooner than later. 
- At 12 weeks old, I couldn't seem to lay her down for naps. She had to be held. I had read about all of these other moms just laying their baby down and walking away. I had read she should be able to sleep without me at this point. I even posted on some Facebook forums asking if other moms were having similar "issues". The minute I'd lay her down she'd wake up and I'd have to start all over again trying to get her to sleep. So I held her and enjoyed her.
I was very aware of my choices when I did all of the above. I had read about "creating bad habits" just like we all have. So I kept it in the back of my mind. I TRIED with all of my effort to lay my baby down drowsy, and to not nurse her to sleep, and to not rock her too much. At the end of the day, however, I also chose to do what seemed right in the moment. I chose to do what I thought she needed from me at the time, and I remembered that she was only a few weeks or a few months old. Sometimes that meant holding her for a nap. Sometimes that meant nursing her back to sleep in the MOTN. And sometimes that meant co-sleeping. 
As I look back from the "other side" of the fourth trimester now, I try to tell other mamas of my experiences. I try to comfort them and tell them that they are not creating bad habits. Those of you that are trying to implement Babywise or something similar- if you are making the effort to implement the schedules, to create routines, to not always hold your baby for naps, to not always rock them to sleep, to try and lay them down drowsy but not completely asleep, etc.- You are already doing so many great things! You can't mess it up- so don't even think like that. And don't worry about the stories that you read about moms that are able to lay their 6 week old baby down awake and walk away for a nap. It's the exception. Enjoy the moments and don't stress too much. Try and try again. It will pay off. Don't worry if one day you don't have the energy to try. Tomorrow is another chance to try. Don't worry if one day you co-sleep- it doesn't mean your baby will never be able to sleep in his own crib. Coming from a mama that did all of those things- if you put in the effort in the first few months, and have the occasional set back- you will still make it to the other side. You will still be able to help your baby learn how to self soothe and put himself to sleep. You will soon be on the other side of this. Just hang in there and try, try again. 

This is where I probably differ from the stereotypical Babywise mama. I think a lot of us do, however.

I am ALL about keeping my baby on her schedules and keeping up with her routines. She is a happier baby as a result of these things. I make sure I am home for naps, and I am on schedule 99% of my days. Caroline thrives as a result, and I enjoy that my life is predictable and something I can plan for. I take comfort in knowing that my daughter has such great schedules and routines, she is hardly ever fussing when she is awake. She is not fussing out of hunger or tiredness- that's for sure!

When a special occasion comes along, however, I think it is important to put the schedule second (while still keeping it in mind). These occasions only happen so many times a year. It might be a birthday celebration, Christmas, or the 4th of July. In my family we got together for EVERY celebration (big or small). These are some of the most special memories I have from my childhood, and I want my child to have these special moments to look back on as well.

If these occasions can be worked around the nap schedule or bedtime- great. But if they can't, please still participate. Don't stay home and miss out. It's one day of a missed bedtime. It's one day of a later nap. It will all be ok, and it will all be worth it.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. My daughter's first 4th of July. I will admit that we don't always go see fireworks because of how late they are and the fact that my husband gets up so early in the morning (as you all know by now). Now that we have a daughter, however, it was important to me that we go watch fireworks. So, we decided to go pretty last minute (the afternoon of), but we made it work. Caroline goes to bed at 7:45 pm these days, and the fireworks were going to start at 9:15 pm. I was envisioning putting Caroline to bed as usual, and then waking her and heading out for fireworks around 8:45 pm. Once we got to talking about it, however, it seemed silly to do that and we decided instead to get to the fireworks early and try and get her to sleep on the blanket there. I wasn't sure how this was all going to work out. I worried that she would be so excited to be out that she wouldn't nap and she'd be fussy the whole time. It all worked out great, however.

Here's how it all unfolded: 
- I fed Caroline at her usual 7 pm feed
- Instead of putting her to bed we then packed up our gear and headed out
- We took two important things to simulate our bedtime routine: the sound machine & her sleep sack
Caroline knows her routine so well. She knows that the sound going on means it is time to sleep, and she knows that the sleep sack means bedtime.
- Caroline was excited to be leaving the house and wide eyed at the excitement
- We arrived at our destination, put our blankets out, turned the sound machine on, put Caroline in her sleep sack and laid her down on the blanket
- She was content, but not sleeping (There was a lot of noise from children on the playground next to us, and too many things to look at)
- I picked her up and walked around (The walking makes it so she can't focus on anything too intently)
- She went right out in my arms
- I came back to the blanket and lay down with her
- We put the sound machine between the noisy playground and Caroline, and she stayed asleep right until about the time the fireworks were going to start. She lifted her head, so I took the opportunity to just go ahead and get her up (the whole point of being here was for her to see fireworks, not to sleep through them)!
- We enjoyed some snacks and waited for the show
- She was happy, excited to be out, and she enjoyed some snacks with us
- On the ride home she dozed a bit here and there
- I gave her a quick feeding when we got home and put her in her crib
- She was out like a light

This morning, we were all tired, so when I woke with my 7 am alarm to find Caroline still sleeping, I hit the snooze button and we got up at 8 am instead. As a result, our schedule today will be 1 hour later than normal, but she'll never know the difference. Odds are we'll catch up somehow anyway to the old schedule (she always seems to).

Changing our schedule last night, was so worth it in the end. We made a special memory last night, everything turned out just fine, and everyone had a great time. Schedules are so important, routines are so important, but special occasions are just as important, and taking time to enjoy the moments is so very important as well.