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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I am now an Usborne Books Consultant and I am so excited to share these books with other mamas. They are amazing!

Picture of Peek Inside the Garden
When Caroline was 6 months old, we were gifted our first Usborne book. The book is called Peek Inside the Garden and is one of the Peek Inside series. I was immediately impressed with how sturdy the book is. It has flaps with hidden treasures on each page, holes to look through and so many details. Caroline is fascinated with the colors, the details, and, of course, the flaps! She is now 1 year old, and none of the flaps have ripped (this book has been through 6 months of baby handling), and it is still one of her favorites. As she gets older, she finds more details on each page. She is learning and exploring the book in new ways each month! I was planning on getting more of these books because of how impressed I was, so I decided to become an Usborne consultant. I want to share these wonderful books with as many mamas as I can! The books are high quality, and there are so many options and different types of books with Usborne. The website even allows you to shop by age, which is incredibly helpful! I definitely put my mama approved stamp on these, and Caroline has put a baby and now toddler approved stamp as well!

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My wish list is so long, now that I've had a chance to really learn more about these books.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Picture of Look Inside Your Body
Look Inside Your Body
The Look Inside Your Body book looks amazing. Lots of flaps within flaps to discover more information!

Picture of Very First Reading Set
Very First Reading Set
The Very First Reading Set is a great first set for kids to learn to read. There are parts for the adult to read followed by simple reading for the child.

Picture of Secrets of the Seashore
Secrets of the Seashore

The Secrets of the Seashore book is part of the Shine A Light series. You literally shine a light through the pages to discover hidden pictures! So much fun!
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