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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! You will be hearing from these lovely ladies this week, all on hot topics people often have questions about:

Emily, over at The Journey of Parenthood, is writing about "How to Drop the Last Middle of the Night Feeding". Check out the sneak peek below and head on over to her site to read the full post!

The newborn days are so tough for me. I don't function well without enough sleep and I feel like I'm a walking zombie until my babies are sleeping through the night. Establishing a Babywise Routine isn't easy, but it pays off so quickly. Somewhere around 6-8 weeks my babies all stopped waking during the 3-4 am hour and instead slept until the 5-6 hour. While you'd think that would be awesome, because it means an extra hour of solid sleep for me, it's actually the MOST frustrating time for a baby to wake.

With a desired wake time to start the day being 7, having a baby wake at 5 is like torture. How do you handle it? How do you get them to drop that feeding and make it until 7? Having to wake yourself up to feed your baby at 5 am knowing you will be up again at 7 is truly torture! Here's how I handle dropping the last middle of the night feeding: Read more...

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