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Thursday, November 10, 2016

BFBN Week (Babywise Myths): Babywise Automatically Diminishes Milk Supply

To go along with the idea of making Babywise work for you, that we've been discussing over the last few days, I'd like to bring your attention to breastfeeding. The myth that you can't breastfeed your baby while doing Babywise because it will diminish your supply. The Babywise book clearly supports breastfeeding (I plan to write a post on this and quote the book soon), and I know so many moms that have done both and been successful- me included! Check out my Real Moms, Real Stories series on "Breastfeeding on a Schedule", for more personal accounts. Today, Kimberly is giving her perspective on this Babywise myth...

Kimberly writes:

"My son was a hungry little newborn.  I knew this and the interval between feedings was sometimes only ninety minutes.  That interval grew with time.  Scheduling does not mean you ignore the demand to eat, it means you meet that demand and plan ahead to keep meeting it. "

Read the full post here!

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