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Friday, March 10, 2017

BFBN Week (Topic: Discipline): Discipline Delay Tactics

It's Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! Our group will be writing on the topic of "discipline" all week long. Please see below for the full schedule.
Today, Cole from Twinning Babywise, is writing about some common discipline tactics. I love that she labels these as "delay tactics". They are, in fact, delay tactics... but they are often thought of as useful discipline methods. The problem, is that they are merely delaying the inevitable... the discipline part. These tactics are often open ended and parents often don't follow through on the "threats". She writes:

"I'm going to count to three! One....two....three....four..."

"If you don't come here right now, you're going to get a spanking!"

"You don't want to come? Okay, I'm leaving without you... here we go....I'm walking out the door..."

These, among many others, are discipline delay tactics. On the surface, the purpose of these statements is to offer the child a second chance to obey, but in actuality the point is release the parent from the responsibility of disciplining. Discipline isn't fun for the child or the parent, so they are hoping to avoid it by giving the child more opportunities to obey.

The ladies of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network are all blogging on discipline this week. Check them out on these days:

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Wednesday: Katrina at Mama's Organized Chaos and Shea at The Moses Home

Thursday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright and Carrie at Wiley Adventures

Friday: Emily at The Journey of Parenthood and Cole at Twinning Babywise
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