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Monday, March 6, 2017

BFBN Week (Topic: Discipline): How I Discipline Without Spanking

It's Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! Our group will be writing on the topic of "discipline" all week long. Please see below for the full schedule.

Today Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom is discussing how she does discipline in her house without spanking. She discusses her toolbox of ideas and has a very proactive approach, which I very much appreciate. Her approach is well thought out and includes a discussion of consequences, expectations, consistency, praise, and many other great tips.

I love her honesty:

"One day when Brayden was a young toddler, he did something he shouldn't and I though I would try spanking. He immediately slapped me back. I kind of laughed and said, "Let's not hit each other again." 

My husband and I talked about spanking for the first time that evening. We decided to keep spanking out of our parenting toolbox." 

Head on over to Chronicles of a Babywise Mom to read more!

The ladies of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network are all blogging on discipline this week. Check them out on these days:

Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Tuesday: Natasha at Let's Be Brave 
Wednesday: Katrina at Mama's Organized Chaos and Shea at The Moses Home
Thursday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright and Carrie at Wiley Adventures
Friday: Emily at The Journey of Parenthood and Cole at Twinning Babywise
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