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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

BFBN Week (Topic: Breastfeeding)- This is Why Breast is Not Best

Today we have another guest post. This one is from Christine Keys. All about why "breast is not best". She brings up 3 really great points, and I think this one is well worth the read. The reality is that doing what is best for YOU, is what is best for your family. Our society has really pushed the "breast is best" attitude, and it puts a lot of pressure on new moms.

"Oh, the mama wars I have seen on this topic. "Breast is best" or "fed is best". Actually, neither of those phrases are particularly helpful. Neither of them allows for a holistic outlook. There is so much more to this issue than a simple catchphrase can cover, and here's why:

We're All Unique

Breastfeeding is not a 'one size fits all' thing. We're all unique. We all come to motherhood with different stories and backgrounds. The experience of childbirth is so vastly varied from woman to woman that it in and of itself it starts our journey of motherhood off uniquely. Not only are we unique, but our babies are too. Some are born early, some late, and some right on time. Some are born with a strong instinct to breastfeed, and others not so much. We're all different which makes a phrase like "breast is best" completely absurd and irrelevant."

Read the full post here...

This week, all of the bloggers in the Babywise Friendly Blog Network, will be sharing their ideas on the topic of breastfeeding. Here's the full line up. I'll be linking to each of these throughout the week:


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