Baby V#3 Week 8 Update

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I am now 8 weeks along in my pregnancy! Baby V#3 is the size of a raspberry and starting to really make her presence known.

I feel a little odd in that I don’t have an OB yet! That feels so weird to say. Normally, I’ve been in to see my OB for an ultrasound already. This time, however, is a bit different…

Since I was with the fertility clinic at first, they did my HCG numbers and my first two ultrasounds. We’ve moved about 30 minutes north of where my previous OB’s office is, so my plan is to find a new OB. I’ll be going to a different hospital as well, now that we’ve moved.

Since I have a relationship with a perinatologist, I scheduled an appointment to see him immediately. I will see him in two days.

This appointment was number one on my list, since I am considered high risk for several reasons (past cholestastis, antiphospholipid syndrome, and a previous pregnancy with trisomy 13).

My plan is to ask him for an OB recommendation when I see him in a couple of days. Luckily, this perinatologist has an office up by our new home, but I would have traveled to see him!

So, on Wednesday we’ll talk about our options for testing and how often he’d like to see me for checkups.

My husband and I feel confident in the science- the science that indicates we are at no higher risk for another pregnancy for trisomy 13. As a result, we are not going to do any invasive testing. Instead, we feel comfortable to do the usual testing.

We have always participated in the nuchal translucency ultrasound and blood work. This time, we’ll request the cell free DNA test as well. If any of those come back abnormal again, we’ll then proceed with an amniocentesis.  In the meantime, however, we feel these tests to be sufficient.



Wow did I have a ton of nausea this week. Come lunchtime, I did not want to move until morning the next day. I am not actually throwing up, thank goodness! But, the nausea is full on.

I eat extra early, and extra meals to help combat this. I feel hungry and nauseous all at the same time. Such a weird feeling, but normal for my pregnancies.


Fatigue also reared it’s ugly head this week. Brutal. The kind of fatigue that your arms and legs feel heavy. The kind of fatigue that is just debilitating.

I hate fatigue like this, but it is no stranger to me. I tried very hard to listen to my body this week and rest as much as I could.


I am back to eating my usual pregnancy favorite- cereal. All of the good kinds. Lucky charms is my favorite. This week it was Rice Krispies with bananas in it.

I also had my first random craving- french onion soup and a french baguette. My husband went to Panera for me. I was sooooo thankful he was offering to do so. Yum.


There are many moments that things just don’t want to go down. I don’t always feel hungry or like eating. I pick at my dinners mostly. Caroline reminds me that “this is what’s for dinner.”


I feel much better this week. I was not nearly as sad, and I was starting to feel more excited. I think writing and talking about the pregnancy really helped me to move past my sadness a bit.


Caroline is all talk about how she’s going to help out with the baby. She wants to put the baby in the crib, she wants to push the stroller, etc. She talks about feeding the baby soft foods that we mash up, and she sets aside toys and books for the baby.

She REALLY wants a girl. She also really wants the baby to be here now. Such a hard wait.

She’s already asked if this baby is going to die. We have real honest conversations with her, and she is going to come to appointments with me. We’ll ask questions together.

In the meantime, we talk a lot about April. Caroline reminds me that April’s energy is always here with us. She also told me that April’s energy is in the new baby, too.

She’s started talking to the baby and kissing my belly. Such sweet moments.


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