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Today I’d like to take a moment to officially introduce the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. I’ve been writing with these wonderful ladies for 1.5 years now, and it has been an amazing experience. All of these mamas have used Babywise principles and all have their own unique take on it. Our goal is to share our experiences with parents across the world, and I think we are doing a phenomenal job at that! It’s wonderful to be a part of!

Not sure what Babywise is? Check out this post!

You’ll find that we are all a bit different in how we parent. Yes we all use Babywise, but when it comes to everything else, we cover the parental spectrum. From formula to breastfeeding, cloth diapering to disposables, spanking to a hands off approach- you’ll find it all here. One of the things I love the most about this group is that we can all write on the same topic, and all be open minded and nonjudgmental of other methods.

The BFBN has a combined total of 8 moms and 26 children at the moment! Yes you read that correctly! I am the only mom with 1 child! All 7 of the other moms have 3 or 4 children, and we have 3 twin moms!!! Not to mention we have 2 more on the way (one of those being my second child, and one mom has an adoption in process).

If you follow Babywise principles, there is no doubt you’ve been to – The Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. The owner and author of that blog is Valerie Plowman. She’s also the founder of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. Here’s a quote from Valerie on how and why the BFBN was started:

“In 2007, I started my blog in order to help parents with their Babywise questions. The internet was not a friendly place for Babywise inquiries and I wanted to be a voice for people who needed help and encouragement.

Four years later, in 2011, I wanted to expand that vision just beyond myself. Hearing from one person who does Babywise is nice, but wouldn’t several be even better? So I started the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. My vision was to have a group of bloggers who all follow Babywise who could work together to create one massive resource collectively for Babywise parents. Everyone has different life experiences in general, and this is especially true in parenting. Among all of us, we could more fully address the needs of parents out there.

Nearly 6 years later, the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) is stronger than ever! We have had so many great bloggers join over the years and we have a fantastic group today.”

The Mamas and their Blogs:

Below you will find a brief introduction to each of the wonderful ladies that are a part of the BFBN, along with picture links to 3 of their most popular Babywise posts! Enjoy!

Carrie– Wiley Adventures

Carrie is mom to 4 children, spanning from 2-9 years old. She’s one of 2 avid Disney lovers that we have in the group, and she’s recently become a travel agent to indulge in her passion. She’s always got a great line in her blogs that keeps you wanting more. “I have been pregnant approximately 172 weeks of my 32 years of life. That’s 3.29644 years or 1,204 days of my life, if anyone’s counting.” She’s probably got the biggest book collection of all of us, and is one of those true, good people.

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

Babywise FAQs (Scheduling)

Why We Chose (and LOVE) Babywise

Babywise and Cry It Out (or Don’t)

Caitlin– Rogers Party of 5

Caitlin is our newest addition, and quite possibly the most honest and blunt writer (she and Cole are both in for the running for keeping it real). She’s mom to 3, including a set of 16 month old twins. She has a masters degree in Flute Performance (how awesome)! Her writing is simply described as “real” in my book. I love reading it, as my main goal for my blog was to keep it real and tell it like it is- even the frustrating moments, lonely moments, and moments where we feel like we have no idea what we’re doing. Caitlin does this and it’s refreshing.
Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

5 Tips to Survive Life With Newborn Twins

The Loneliness of Motherhood Nobody Talks About

How I Got My Twins to Sleep Through the Night

Cole– Twinning Babywise

Second up for the keeping real award is Cole. She’s mom to 4 children, and is also one of our twin moms. She somehow survived having 4 children under 3 years old! That alone is award winning! If I ever need discipline ideas, I find her blog. She’s not joking around when it comes to correcting unwanted behaviors, and I strive to be better at this myself. It’s easy with one child to be a little lax at times, but with 4 so close in age Cole doesn’t have that option and, as a result, she comes up with some amazingly creative solutions.

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

Childproofing (Or How To Stunt the Development of Self-Control)

Five Tips for Getting a Twins on a Schedule

Discipline Delay Tactics

Emily– The Journey of Parenthood

Emily is mama to 3 children with one on the way! Her family has decided to adopt their 4th child and are well into the process. She’s a true mom at heart and has always focused on her dream of being a mom and a wife. Emily is our second Disney lover, and would probably visit weekly if given the chance. Her focus is all about making memories and enjoying her family.

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

Birth-Six Month Babywise Schedule

Babywise: The Early Days

Putting Baby First During the First Year

Katrina– Mama’s Organized Chaos

If you don’t know me yet, I’m mom to 1 child with our second on the way. Glance anywhere on this blog and you’ll find Caroline’s infectious smile infiltrating all of my blog posts. I’m a former engineer and chemistry teacher, so I took right to the logical flow of using schedules with babies.

My two main goals for this blog were to 1. Write everything down so I could remember it for baby #2 some day (rapidly approaching), and share this information with other moms, and 2. To write the real stories. I wanted to write about when things didn’t work, or when I felt like I was in over my head, or frustrated, or sad, etc. This blog has become my outlet and I’m so thankful for it and the wonderful people it’s connected me with.

Here are some of my most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

8 Benefits of Keeping Baby on a Schedule

Sample Schedules 

Waking Early from Naps (What to do Broken Down by Age)

Kimberly– Team Cartwright

Kim is my fellow scientist in the group! She’s mom to 3 children, and also one of our twin moms. Kim does weekly science posts, and I SO need to jump on this bandwagon! Such a great idea, and I love that she always has one eye on keeping science and math something attainable and interesting for everyone- especially children. She’s a real, down to earth mom that lets her kids watch TV, let’s them get dirty and have fun. She’s a huge advocate of “Fed is Best” and is simply a pleasure to work along side.

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

Babywise Favorites: The Dream Feed

Babywise Favorites: Independent Playtime

Babywise Favorites: The Pause

Natasha– Let’s Be Brave

Natasha is mom to 4 children. She’s our foster parent mom. It’s been so eye opening to see through the lens of a foster parent. I had no idea the heartache that could be involved, watching the children you’ve welcomed into your home, suddenly get taken away because of the “system”. I’ve been fascinated to read about how she’s opened her heart, and  welcomed foster children into her home, and how she’s incorporated Babywise techniques even with older children. She recently welcomed her first biological child into the world as well, and she’s getting to experience Babywise from birth! Not only did she welcome her first biological child this year, at the end of this month she’ll finally be the forever home she dreamed of to her sibling set of 3 foster children! Congrats mama!

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:


Disciplining Foster Kids

Benefits of Independent Playtime

Babywise Myths (Babywise Works for You- Not the Other Way Around)

Valerie– Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Valerie is, of course, the founder of this group, and the first to have a true Babywise blog. She’s helped every single one of the above women, and countless more with the endless information that she has on her blog. You could never actually read a Babywise book in your life, and probably get all of the information you need just from her blog. She’s mom to 4 children, now ranging in age from 5-12. This was her last year with a child at home! She’s an inspiration to us all, and most likely the reason that most of us even had the idea to record our Babywise journeys.

Here are some of her most popular Babywise posts for you to check out:

5-6 AM “Night” Wakings

The Cornerstone for Good Naps

Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old

I hope you enjoy connecting with these blogs as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out some of the above popular links. These posts are just a TINY sampling of what we have to offer. Each month we do guests posts on each other’s blogs, along with topic days, where all 8 of us write down our thoughts and experiences on the same topic. It’s a great way to get a collection of ideas to think through! You can always find a list of the BFBN blogs at my Babywise Friendly Blog Network page.



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