BFBN Week: Myth vs. Reality- On Becoming Babywise

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It’s not really until you join the motherhood club, that you realize just how judgmental the “club” has become. Maybe it’s always been this way, but certainly with the surge in online media, the judgement seems like it’s all around us. Unfortunately, in an age with information readily at our hands online, many rarely turn to books to do their research. As a result, we research online. Often we are reading a blog (like this one)- someone’s opinion or recap of an idea. As teachers we try and teach students how to validate their sources, but the reality is it’s a difficult task, and one that often gets lost on many (including adults). Reading someone’s ideas and thoughts about a topic as a summary, can be very one sided and biased- and even incorrect. Just because it’s typed up, does not mean it is fact.

When I first started researching Babywise, I found just that- a lot of opinions. I decided I needed to go to the main source, and read the book! I know, I know, why read a book, when you can get the information online? Well, the book was completely different from the opinions that I was reading online. I suddenly found myself quite baffled as to how such negative opinions about Babywise even existed. The reality that I was finding, however, was that these opinions were most likely written, after having read someone else’s opinion, etc. Most of the negative ideas are clearly refuted in the book.

So, I challenge you to read the book! It is very eye opening. Babywise is a fantastic concept that I am so glad to have implemented with our now (almost) 2 year old daughter. This week we’ll be hearing from the ladies in the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. We are all picking one of the “myths” of Babywise and discussing the reality of it.

Today’s post is from Valerie over at Valerie played a HUGE hand in helping Babywise be seen as a positive tool with the use of her blog over the last several years. She started the blog back in 2007 and it’s been helping moms ever since! Today she’s discussing her experience with Babywise myths. She’ll also be introducing each of the myths that will be discussed this week! Check out her full post by clicking here!

Links will go live on the day specified below…

– Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom- Myths Versus Realities of Babywise

– Tuesday: Katrina at Mama’s Organized Chaos- Babywise Isn’t Imposing a Schedule, It’s Learning the Ideal Schedule

– Wednesday: Shea at The Moses Home- How Schedules Keep Us Flexible, Not Rigid

– Wednesday: Natasha at Let’s Be Brave- Babywise Works For YOU, Not The Other Way Around

– Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures- Babywise and Cry it Out (how they do/don’t go together)

– Thursday: Kimberly at Team Cartwright- Babywise and Breastfeeding (does not diminish milk supply)

–  Friday: Cole at Twinning Babywise- The Misconception that Babywise is just Sleep Training

–  Friday: Emily at The Journey of Parenthood- Using Babywise Isn’t Impossible with Multiple Children

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