BFBN WEEK (Topic: Strangers): 6 Rules for Keeping Children Safe From Strangers

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It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! You will be hearing from these lovely ladies this week, all on the topic of “Strangers”.

Today we are hearing from Valerie. She put together a post on “6 Rules for Keeping Children Safe From Strangers“. I can’t tell you how much I love this list. These are easy rules that your children can remember. Check out the sneak peek below and head on over to her site to read the full post!

I am living in a conflicting state of mind. I bet many of you are, also.

On this one hand, I want my children to have freedom to just be children. I want them to be able to
roam and play like I could as a child. I want them to be able to ride their bikes several blocks to a friend’s house. I want them to be able to live with more spontaneity and not so much “play date” planning. I read Free Range Kids (affiliate link). I loved the book. I agree we might be overly paranoid and sensitive living in our 24 hour news media culture.

But then there is my other hand. By nature, I am a “better safe than sorry” kind of gal. And I don’t care if “only” a small percentage of children ever get kidnapped when doing xy and z. If my child became a statistic, I would wish I had been more careful.

More paranoid.

More crazy.

There are scary things going on out in that world, and they are things I do not want my child being victims of. I have shared a couple of times on Facebook that I am starting to get more involvement with ways to help stop the human trafficking industry, and the more I learn about that, the more I want my children on a leash. Tied to me.

I recently took my children to a water park by myself. I have children ranging from 11 down to 3. Obviously, we were going to have some differences of interest levels in where the kids would want to play. My oldest is a competitive swimmer. My second has long ago passed off all requirements to be able to join a swim team. My third child had only dives left to pass of (though she is done now!). They all love to swim and are comfortable in the water.

My fourth child, however, has a fun tradition of crying through her lesson (though she oddly does what her teacher says. She just cries while doing it). She isn’t afraid of the water as a whole, but she is not so comfortable or daring to go down big slides or even chill in the lazy river. Clearly the children weren’t all going to want to hang around in the same area at all times.

We had an hour drive to get there, so on the drive, we talked about safety. Specifically, stranger danger type of safety. It isn’t the first time we have talked about it, and they hear it all the time at school (wahoo!). They knew the drill. But I followed Ask and Tell and we went over it. Repeatedly. I was a man down and I made sure they were solid.

1. Adults Don’t Ask Children For Help

This is my number one reminder for my children always. Adults do not ask children for help. Adults ask adults for help. I tell my children they do not have to help an adult unless it is a parent (me or their father). Sadly, in our world, if the new man who moved in a few doors down saw my children outside as they walked between my house and a neighbor’s house and asked them to come help him move some boxes in, I would want them to say no essentially. I would want them coming home and asking me about it before doing it (and I would only permit it if a parent was with the child). And an adult shouldn’t be calling out to a child for help moving boxes into his house.

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It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! You will be hearing from these lovely ladies this week, all on the topic of “Strangers”.

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