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Termination of Pregnancy for Medical Reasons

termination of pregnancy for medical reasons

On this page, you will find stories from parents that have gone through very difficult journeys, and have chose termination of pregnancy for medical reasons.

Their stories are all unique with a variety of diagnoses. It is my hopes to bring awareness to termination for medical reasons, and that these stories will help you in your pathway so you feel less alone.

You will also find useful resources and other blogs that may be of help.

I KNEW I’d Never Get An Abortion, But Life Had Other Plans

If you’d like to share your story here, I’d be honored. I’d love to read the stories and learn, and I’d love to celebrate your baby’s life on this page.

I find that the stories found online are under representing those that chose to terminate their pregnancies, and those that chose to carry to term but put their child through no lifesaving measures. I’d love this page to fill that online void.

Those parents need a voice so they don’t feel alone. So many have chosen this route… we need to hear about it more.

Please send me a message if you or someone you know is interested.

After The Fact- How We Feel About Our Decision to Induce Early and Terminate the Pregnancy

When Our Daughter Was Given a Death Sentence, We Were Given a “Choice”

Trisomy 13 Stories 

Trisomy 13- The Story of Addison Faith

Trisomy 13- The Story of Eden Lynne

Trisomy 13 – April Rey’s Full Story from Diagnosis to Birth to Death and After

Blogs and Stories about Termination for Medical Reasons

Amari’s Place – A blog about Amari’s story (Fragile X)

Nurturing Midwifery – The story of Ida (Trisomy 21)

CMV (Cytomegalovirus) – A Story of Loss and Hope and Love

Turner Syndrome- Jaide’s Story

Carpenter Syndrome- The Story of Wyatt Easton Dryden

Jaxon Parker Evans- Acrania

Greer’s Garden- Greer’s Story- Amniotic Band Syndrome

Possible Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome Prenatal Diagnosis (Trisomy 18 final diagnosis)


On the Sideline of Grief

Grieving Our Daughter- No One Knows How to Navigate the Storm for Themselves

Helpful Things to Say and Do if Your Friend Has an Unborn Baby With a Terminal Condition

2 Books to Help Your Toddler Get Through the Loss of a Baby

Moms – 6 Ways to Find Time to Grieve After the Death of a Loved One

“I Have a Sister. She’s Dead.”


A Heartbreaking Choice – “This website supports women who have made the “Heartbreaking Choice” to terminate a much wanted pregnancy.”

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep- Find a photographer in your area, resources for specific conditions, information for families that have lost their babies, and so much more. 

Brain and Tissue Donation of Trisomy 13 BabiesThe University of Maryland in partnership with NIH, accepts brain and tissue donations from babies that have trisomy 13. 

Printable Birth Plan for Early Induction/Medical Termination

Toddler Sleep Disruptions During a Family Crisis

Behavioral and Sleep Changes that Occurred with our Older Daughter

Pregnancy After Loss- A Rainbow Baby

Please also see the sister page for this–> all about our trisomy 13 journey with April Rey.

Our ENTIRE journey is written at this page from day one of potentially devastating news.

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