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If your little one is too young for sleep training (less than 4 months old), this method will work great! It will prolong feeding as long as possible so that your baby does not get dependent on food to sleep. It will allow you to rest assured that nothing is wrong (other than your baby needing assistance getting back to sleep), and it will help teach your baby that night is for sleeping.


What to do if baby wakes at night:

1. Start by rocking/shushing/holding/etc – try to get baby back to sleep

  • If you are able to get them back to sleep, repeat this process 2 more times if they wake again
  • If you are unable to get them back to sleep move on to step 2

2. Check basic things such as if baby is cold/hot/needs to be reswaddled/etc – and try to get baby back to sleep if you suspect and fix one of those issues

3. Change diaper- try to get baby back to sleep after the diaper change

4. Feed baby! If you go through all of the above steps, and your baby is still crying, then go ahead and feed them. I always went through this checklist so that baby didn’t get reliant on eating in order to sleep. If you take the time to do this hard work now, your baby will sleep longer at night very quickly!


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