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Scheduling Resources

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On this page, you’ll find scheduling resources that will help you when making a change to your baby’s schedule, building a schedule, finding routines that work well, and even how to handle daylight savings time.

Scheduling Resources 


Ideal Baby Awake Times (Chart by month for first year)

What is the Eat Wake Sleep Cycle?

6 Reasons I Wake My Sleeping Baby

Learning Your Baby’s Ideal Schedule

8 Benefits to Keeping Baby on a Schedule

Advantages of Breastfeeding on a Schedule

NICU Schedules

50 Question and Answer Guide for New Parents

Sample Baby and Toddler Schedules


Schedule vs. Routine– Learn the difference

Benefits and Types of Routines – And How You Can Use Routines Without Using Schedules

Our Morning Routine

Babywise Method (Uses Schedules and Routines)

What is Babywise?

Success With Babywise

Discovering Babywise

Babywise Helps Your Child to Love Sleeping

How Babywise Makes Me a Better Mom

Why I Chose to Start a Babywise Blog

How the Babywise Method Helps Babies Sleep Better

Why We Chose to Use the Babywise Method

Babywise Sleep Training- How They Relate and Misconceptions

Building in Flexibility with Babywise

Why I Won’t Be Second Guessing Using Babywise With My Next Child

Babywise Isn’t Imposing a Schedule, It’s Learning the Ideal Schedule for YOUR Child

Frequently Asked  Babywise Q&A

Schedules and Sleep

3 Things To Try Before Hiring a Sleep Consultant

How Schedules and Routines Support Good Sleep Habits for Babies

Naps- See this page on all things related to naps– troubleshooting, scheduling, setting up nap schedules, etc.

Night- See this page on al things related to night sleep– eliminating night wakings, bedtime routines, etc.

Making Changes to Schedules & Routines

4 Signs it’s Time to Change Baby’s Schedule

8 Step Guide- How to Make a Change to Baby’s Schedule

4 Signs that it’s Time to Increase Baby’s Wake Time

Knowing When to Drop a Bottle/Nursing Session

Baby Growth Spurts

Recognizing and Handling Growth Spurts

Dealing with Growth Spurts While Breastfeeding

Daylight Savings and Baby Schedules

Fall Back with Baby- Daylight Savings Time

1 Trick to Surviving Daylight Savings Time With Your Baby

Holidays With Your Scheduled Babies and Toddlers

Christmas Strategies with a Toddler

Please Deviate From the Schedule and Enjoy The Moments

How to Keep the Magic of Christmas Without Lying to Your Kids

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