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This page has all of my posts about our family moments, and some "Dear Caroline" , and "Dear April" posts that I wrote for my daughters. This is my love, my happiness all rolled into one beautiful place.

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This page has all of my posts about our family moments, and some “Dear Caroline” , “Dear April”, and “Dear William” posts that I wrote for my children. This is my love, my happiness all rolled into one beautiful place.

Family Life

Dear Caroline

The World Has More Good Than Bad

You Are Brave, Curious, and Flexible

We Made It To Our Goal Of Breastfeeding For One Year

As You Approach Your First Birthday

Happy (1st) Birthday Caroline

Christmas 2015

First Family Vacation

In Loving Memory of My First Love

I Hope You Notice

You Waved At So Many People Today

Love Is Not Blind- Love Is Seeing and Accepting

Heart Stopping Moments- 22 Months

Happy 2nd Birthday

Thank You for the Cuddles

Thank You For Being So Selfless and So Compassionate

I Felt Like My Daughter Was a Part of a Cruel Social Experiment

My Daughter- What I Want You To Know About Valentine’s Day

Caroline, Your Heart is so Beautiful

We Are Not Defined By These Moments

On Your 5th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday

Dear April Rey

Dear April Rey- Today Marks One Month

Dear April Rey –(From Auntie Maria and Uncle Adolfo)

A Due Date To Remember- Dear April Rey

Trisomy 13 Journey and all of our thoughts are on this page… 

Dear William

I Can’t Imagine Life Without You

Happy 1st Birthday, My Sweet Boy

Happy 2nd Birthday, William


I Fall In Love With My Husband More Every Day

My Daughter is 0.5 Years Old!

In These Moments

The Body That Gave Me The Greatest Gift In The World

Smart, Strong & Beautiful

Pure Happiness

Mama Brain

I Never Wanted To Be That Girl

Reaching Out, Touching Me, Touching You

The Dogs Have A New Best Friend

My Husband’s Daughter, & My Daughter, Too

Rain Dances

Please Deviate From The Schedule and Enjoy The Moments

Fall Asleep Baby Girl, We’ve Got You

Caroline’s First Trip

First Steps- Kind of…

My Daughter Is So Sweet

Blizzard 2016

Easter 2016

Dear Chelsea

Pool Days


Picnic In The Rain – 4th of July 2016

Short & Sweet- A Visit From Nana & Bubba

A Night Under The Stars

Sesame Place

Villegas Family Fall Visits 2016

Halloween 2016

Little Echoes

My Little Gymnast 

The Perfect Evening, That Could Have Spelled Disaster

Mama’s Got Ink: p.s. i love you

Easter 2017

I’m Pregnant and I’m So Shocked!

Turf Life- 2017

To My Husband This Father’s Day, 2017

Caroline’s 3rd July 4th and Fireworks

Sesame Place 2017

S’mores and Lights 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caroline

Family Trip to the Beach (Ocean City, MD) Winter 2017

Christmas 2017- A Bittersweet Christmas

San Antonio Trip 2018

The Keys That Opened the Door To Our First Home

Family Reunion 2018 at Nana and Grandpa’s

A Season of Thanks and a Growing Family

Just Playing in the Yard

4 Year Old Rainbow Party

Mama and Caroline at the Ballet

What An Incredible Decade

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