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This page is all about naps- nap training, dropping naps, avoiding short naps, and so much more! #babywise #naps #baby

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This page is all about naps and babywise- nap training, dropping naps, avoiding short naps, and so much more!’

Baby and Toddler Nap Information

Nap training – 3 Easy Steps to Follow

Dropping the Last Catnap

Schedules Page (All schedules are listed by age and have a description of how many naps, lengths, nap times, etc.)

How to Avoid Short Naps

Knowing When and How to Switch to One Nap per Day

Waking Early From Naps- What To Do (Broken Down by Age)

6 Reasons Why I Wake My Sleeping Baby

Nap Regressions- Find all links here

Frequently Asked Babywise Q&A

10 Tips for Dealing With a Two Year Old Who Doesn’t Want to Nap

Tips For Successful Room Sharing

Night and Nap Potty Training

Babywise Helps Your Child to Love Sleeping

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Dropping to No Naps

How to Make the Transition to No Naps with Your Toddler (Rest Time Instead)

Toddler Refuses to Nap? Implement Rest Time Rules Instead

Rest Time Round Up of 6 Helpful Posts

My Tot Clock – Great Product for Getting Your Baby/Toddler/Child Down for Naps or Rest Time with No Fuss, and to Stay In Bed

How to Troubleshoot the 45 Minute Intruder

For more information on sleep, check out our nighttime page at this link. 

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