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The Highly Sensitive Child

The Highly Sensitive Child

The Highly Sensitive Child

Our daughter is a highly sensitive child. We knew pretty much from infancy, but didn't learn the term until she was around 4 years old. Follow our journey as we faced behavioral challenges, learned to support our daughter the best we could and continue to do so, and how we've navigated life with a highly sensitive child. We've taken her to therapy with therapists that are trained to work with HSC's, and have seen tremendous results.

*Coming Soon

An update on play therapy. We've been doing play therapy at home for 1 full year now! I'll give you all the details and how to make it work for your HSC in the comfort of your home!

Back Before We Knew Our Daughter was a Highly Sensitive Child...

Follow along in our struggles and as we noticed our child's unique quality, before we realized she was a highly sensitive child, or even knew of the trait...

Below are some of the posts I wrote about behavior struggles, and also positive things like her unique ability to express emotions at a young age.

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