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Feeding Your Infant & Toddler

Feeding Your Infant & Toddler

Here you will find tips on the following topics:

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Feeding Your Infant on a Schedule
  3. Starting Solid Foods
  4. Weaning from Breast/Bottle
  5. Establishing Table Rules and Good Eating Habits
  6. Toddler Friendly Recipes


Did you know you can breastfeed on a schedule?

Did you know breastfeeding may be natural, but isn't always "easy"...?

I breastfed both of my living children. The first for an entire year, and the second for about half of the first year. I had very different experiences...

Feeding Your Infant on a Schedule

Whether you are breastfeeding or using bottles, feeding your baby on a schedule is an AMAZING thing to do and has so many advantages...

This right here is my passion, so keep reading!!

Starting Solid Foods with Your Infant

We do a quick solid food transition that involves purees, and has our babies eating small bites of our food by 7/8 months of age. We just love the method we've used.

Here's a bunch of information on your options for solid food transitions...

Weaning From Breast/Bottle Feeding

My goal was always to transition fully away from breast/bottles by the age of 1. Our pediatrician's have also recommended the same. Keep that in mind as you navigate the first year and you'll be well on your way to making this happen!

Establishing Table Rules and Good Eating Habits

Food throwing, cup throwing, spitting out food, etc... It is so important to set the standard right from the beginning. It is also important to teach healthy eating habits.

Toddler Friendly Recipes

Finger foods are a must for toddlers!

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