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Must have items for baby

There are so many things out there that are a marketed as must haves for a new baby. I have tried to compile a list of the items that I thought were essential and will actually get a lot of use in your home. Let’s face it, having a baby can be expensive, but the reality is that you can get by with a lot less than you are led to believe!

Check out my list here

What to pack in your hospital bag

What I thought I needed and brought, versus what I actually used at the hospital. It is quite a different list! I had everything planned out for myself, my hubby and the baby… turns out I didn’t need to bring half of the items on my list!

Find the list here

How to succeed at breastfeeding

For the first timer… this is what got me through breastfeeding. I felt like giving up a few times, but I am so glad I powered through!

Read my story here

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