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Free Wake Time Chart

Thank you!

Your free wake time chart is on its way to your inbox. Be sure to check your junk folder if you don’t get it quickly (you never know where these emails end up) LOL!

I know the chart will be so useful to you in setting up your baby for success during the first year.

Printable Baby Schedule

Limited Time OFFER!

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Another tool that is extremely useful, is my printable baby schedules for the newborn to 6 month age.

Printable babywise schedules newborn to 6 months. #printable #babywise #schedules

These schedule pages have a plethora of information to set you up for wake time and sleep success!

On each page you’ll find wake time information that goes along with your wake time chart, what to expect for naps, nighttime sleep, and the recommended schedule to use for that specific age.

It walks you through the eat wake sleep cycles for each age. I recommend printing these schedules, placing them into a sheet protector, or laminating them, and reusing them each day to track your baby’s progress.

It is such a handy tool!

Since I know you in the throws of the first year of your baby’s life and trying to figure out all of this on a few hours of sleep, I want to give you a special offer.

You can grab your copy of this printable baby schedule for only $1.50!! That’s 70% off of list price!

This is a STEAL of a deal. I usually sell these printable schedules for $4.99

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Print Your Copy While The Deal Lasts

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