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Welcome to Mama’s Love Bloggers. Here you’ll find a lovely group of parenting bloggers and moms. We write from a place of Mama’s love, we blog about all things parenting, and have formed a group to share ideas, guest posts, topic days and more. You’ll find a wealth of information on these blogs.

Meet the Mamas:




Fennell Seeds

Carolyn Fennell is a mother to twin boys and a little girl. She left the corporate world to run the Fennell family. Being a former collegiate athlete, she has the drive to succeed at whatever she does whether it is finding an easier way to potty train or trying new discipline techniques. To find out some of her tricks, check out





Mama’s Organized Chaos

Katrina Villegas is a former process engineer and chemistry teacher turned stay at home mom. She is organizing her beautiful chaos one Babywise step at a time, and sharing her successes and trials along the way. When her daughter was just a few months old she started the blog Mama’s Organized Chaos. She’s been recording her thoughts and stories, along with what she’s learned, “how to” guides and more. You’ll find everything from information on breastfeeding and cloth diapering, to using Babywise schedules, sleep training options, and discipline tips.



Baby Castan On Board

I’m Melissa! I am a mama to my baby Aiden and a wife to my police officer husband Dan. I started the Baby Castan on Board blog because, after having Aiden, I quickly learned that exhaustion and “baby brain” causes you to forget some of the er-lovely (sometimes horrible and sometimes wonderful) details related to the first several months of raising a baby. Considering we may have more kids in the future, I want to document everything we do, so we remember what worked the first time around, and hopefully help other first time mamas along the way!


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