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Mama’s Nature Art

Chemist. Engineer. Teacher. Stay at home mom. Blogger. Author. Gardener. Artist. Crafter and Creator.

I have taken on so many roles. I studied chemistry in college, and then I worked in a lab, and then as an engineer, and then as a high school chemistry teacher. Then I chose to stay at home with my kids to raise them. Then I found a passion in learning about baby sleep habits. I wrote and learned and blogged and even self-published. Through it all I have been a crafter. I’ve always loved painting and just creating. I sew and now I garden and even can spaghetti sauce from my tomatoes!

I love so many things, but I think the think I enjoy the most is learning. I simply love learning new things.

I like having hobbies and I like connecting my passions together. If I am going to be a stay at home mom, why not embrace the teaching that I have a passion for, and why not find the science behind baby sleep habits? It just makes sense.

And so now, with one of my favorite hobbies being gardening, why not create beautiful things with nature? That also makes sense to me. I want to capture the amazing world around me- the flowers, the birds, the peacefulness of nature. I want to freeze it in time so I can hold onto it forever and share it with others.

These pieces of art are just that. The beauty of the world around me. Many are the result of the hard work I’ve put in getting my hands dirty and growing flowers and produce. I’ve learned that I can dry peppers and flowers, preserve them in resin and create art that will hold onto the outside world. I’ve had a hand in everything from planting the seed, to seeing it grow, preserving it and creating art to share. And the rest of the things that I observe- the birds and the butterflies and sunsets- those I can paint and share them in different ways.

And so, Mama’s Nature Art was born.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do!

Please contact me at [email protected] to make any purchases, request custom orders and pickup arrangements.

White Indoor Side Table with Real Flowers
Hanging Wooden Flower Wall Art
Bloom Where You’re Planted Pressed Flower Frame
Pressed Flower Frame

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