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Eat Wake Sleep Cycle Month 10 Babywise

MONTH 10: 

Cycle length:  5/5.5 hours

# of cycles: 3

Wake time: 3-3.5 hours or 5.5 hrs

Nap time: 2 naps or 1 nap

MOTN: 0 feedings, 0 wakes

Month 10 was a big month for Caroline. We continued with the process of weaning her off of breast milk. She is now down to 2 nursing sessions per day (first thing in the morning, and last thing at night).

We have also started attempting a 1 nap schedule on some days. We first tried this because her naps were getting shorter and shorter. It has also enabled us to attend more events. Most of the tiny tot events seem to occur between 10-12, so we have been able to do more with her day as a result.

A typical schedule might look like this:

7 am nurse & solids, 12 pm solids, 5:30 solids, 6:30 pm nurse, 7:30 pm bed
Naps from 10-12 & 3-4 or has one nap from 12:30-3

(Notice we dropped the 4:30 pm nursing a result we occasionally do a 3:30 pm snack in the form of a smoothie or some fig newtons!)

Solid food schedule:  

Last month, we pulled Caroline's high chair right up to the table. This month, we transitioned her to a booster seat! She was getting her feet up on the table, and pushing back in her high chair.

So, with the booster seat, we can now push her legs under the table further and prevent this from happening as often. She still pushes back hard enough with her arms that we have to watch her, but we are really loving this change.

The booster seat we chose is actually an on the go seat that is meant for travel. It is small and very well designed! I love the comfort of knowing we can bring it with us if we need to!

We have also started to introduce the fork at mealtime. What is so interesting, is that she knows exactly what to do with it. She isn't coordinated enough yet to complete the full motion of picking up food and successfully getting it into her mouth, but she is well on her way.

The food and cup throwing has really taken a backseat this month. I feel like I was just about to my frustration limits with this issue, but it really has subsided a lot at this point. She now throws her fork on occasion :)

Wake time

Wake time is completely fascinating now! Towards the end of this month, several changes have occurred.

Caroline loves flipping through her books. She can now point to specific objects in the book when we ask her to! Her favorites to find are shoes, dogs and balls. Caroline loves to be outside as usual!

She also loves having blanket time! This is a new addition this month. During nap time, she was allowed to have a blanket starting right when she turned 10 months. She now associates it with sleeping and snuggles. So, before bedtime, we now have blanket time.

This has turned into a nice quiet activity. The minute we get the blanket out on the floor she crawls over and and gives kisses to the blanket and snuggles in with us. She then crawls all over Mama and Daddy, practices standing without holding on, and just has a great time.

As mentioned, she is really starting to practice standing without holding onto anything. She is also very focused on walking while holding our hands, instead of crawling.

This change just happened at the very end of month 10. We spend a lot of the day just walking around. If we stop, she gets very upset. So cute and I am so glad to see that she is interested in walking again!

Nap time: 

As mentioned, Caroline now gets a blanket at nap time. Since winter is well on it's way, and she is almost 1 year old, we wanted to start getting her used to having a blanket.

She will be able to have her blanket at night as well, once she turns 1 year old. She loves the blanket and keeps herself wrapped up like a little burrito during naps.

We also occasionally do a 1 nap day. I let her sleep in as long as she wants that morning (she sometimes makes it to 7:45/8am), and then I keep her up until 12:30 pm.

She then sleeps until approximately 2:30 pm and I typically leave her in the crib until 3 pm for extra quiet time. She has done very well handling this change.

She can only do this a couple of days in a row, however, before she needs to go back to her 2 nap schedule. So, we are rotating the schedule now from 1 to 2 naps depending on what our day looks like.

Nighttime sleeping: 

Caroline continues to sleep all through the night and puts herself to sleep. She has a cute little routine with Daddy when they say goodnight.

He leaves the room, shuts the door, and then waits. He then comes back in and surprises her. Although she isn't surprised- she anticipates it. She calls out for him every time and just loves it. This month she starting saying "Dada" so well!

My personal experience-

Caroline is almost a toddler- and boy does it show! I am really missing baby snuggles and, while I am ready to be done nursing, I am going to miss the snuggles that I get to sneak in while she breastfeeds.

She is really starting to show us what she's learned over the past 10 months, and it is fascinating to watch. She is also doing great with her potty training adventures!

She has graduated from her bath ring to sitting directly in the bathtub. She started wearing shoes this month as well! She is looking more and more like a little girl, and less like my little baby! Still no teeth!