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Eat wake sleep cycle month 4 babywise


Cycle length:  3/4 hours

# of cycles: 5

Wake time: 2 hrs

Nap time: baby sleeps on schedule in crib and nap time lengthens, 3 naps

MOTN: 0 feedings, 0 wakes

There were 2 MAJOR things we implemented this month

1. With the advice of our pediatrician and a lot of research, we decided to start sleep training at the beginning of this month.

2. Again with the advice of our pediatrician and a lot of research, we decided to start solid foods at the beginning of this month.

Starting solid foods was a no brainer for us. Caroline was extremely interested in our food. She was leaning in, opening her mouth and trying to grab food.

So, we knew she was ready! We started with rice cereal because it is a single grain and a simple carbohydrate. It is easy for their little bellies to digest and a good starting point to kick things into gear.

We quickly switched her to oatmeal which is also a simple carbohydrate because the rice cereal was constipating. The oatmeal got things moving! We made the oatmeal with formula or breast milk, whichever we had handy and eventually switched to all formula when we were making this just because of the convenience of not having to thaw our freezer supply.

After 3 weeks of just cereal, we started to introduce veggies first, then fruits. I made all of my own food purees. They are so easy to do!

A typical schedule might look like this:

Feed at  7am, 11 am, 2pm, 4:30pm (solids) no nap this cycle, 6:30pm

 Printable Baby Schedule 0-6 Months
Printable baby schedules for months 1-6

This schedule is VERY close to last months schedule. I simply tweaked the times a bit to accommodate for her longer naps. She was ready for 4 feedings instead of 5.

She was eating less, and was also ready for more awake time, but couldn't quite handle the long nap times she'd need for longer cycles all around.

She was also starting solid food this month, however. So instead of increasing the cycle times and dropping a feeding, I adjusted the schedule slightly and replaced a milk feeding with a solid feeding. The 4:30pm feed was solid foods.

Solid food schedule:

To begin with, introduce solids at only the 4:30 meal. Give your baby's belly a chance to adjust to the change. 1.5-2 weeks of this is good. Then start introducing solid food after other meals.

Include breakfast for a week or so:
7am (milk), 8am (solids), 11 am (milk), 2pm (milk), 4:30pm (solids), 6:30pm(milk)

Include lunch starting at month 5

Wake time

At this age make sure to give that independent playtime. They are learning so much and tend to try more things when you are not right there supervising. They will test out their voice, try to roll, grab toys, etc.

They'll also start to follow noises at this age, so you can come up with some games including this! Make sure to take your baby out and about every day if possible! They learn so much, and it helps them to use up some of that energy they have built up.

Go on walks, go to a store and walk around, or set up playdates (they love interacting with other babies). One of their favorite activities at this age is what we call naked baby time! Every evening strip her down - even take off the diaper.

They move so much better and this will get them trying to roll! It also gives their boy and girl parts a chance to breath. If you are at all struggling with diaper rash this will clear it right up!

Nap time

Naps at this age are on time and in the crib. They finally start to stretch naps to 1.5/2hrs, progressively getting shorter throughout the day. The first nap is 1.5/2 hrs, the second nap is around 45 minutes, and the third nap is simply a cat nap at 30 minutes. There is no nap after the last solid feeding at 4:30pm.

Nighttime sleeping: 

With sleep training underway you will have minimal amounts of waking this month! Check out the sleep training page to see the details here!


My personal experience-

Naps are longer than 30 minutes! Her awake times are long enough to get out of the house - every. single. day. :) She has loved eating solid foods. Sleep training was the hardest and best thing we've ever done.