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This page is all about baby’s wake time. This includes a wide variety of topics such as schedules in general, playtime activities, learning, independent time, cloth diapering, potty training, favorite products, and more!


4 Signs it’s Time to Change Baby’s Schedule

8 Step Guide- How to Make a Change to Baby’s Schedule

4 Signs that it’s Time to Increase Baby’s Wake Time

6 Reasons I Wake My Sleeping Baby

Learning Your Baby’s Ideal Schedule

Schedule vs. Routine

8 Benefits to Keeping Baby on a Schedule

Our Morning Routine

Our Bedtime Routine

Fall Back with Baby- Daylight Savings Time

1 Trick to Surviving Daylight Savings Time

Christmas Strategies with a Toddler

Please Deviate From the Schedule and Enjoy The Moments


Schedules Page (All schedules on this page include a description of wake time activities by age)

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Out of the House with Your Toddler (& 11 Great Outing Ideas for 1 Year Olds)


M is For Mama (structured learning)

Teaching the Alphabet

Word Building & Letter Learning on the Go

Let Your Toddler Get Dirty

“Fun Friday”Activities- (Several posts with activity ideas)

Drawing Fun

Play Categories to Include for Every Toddler/Child

Sensory Activity #1- Dry Instant Mashed Potato Flakes

Sensory Activity #2- Outdoor Exploration

Sensory Activities #3, 4, & 5- Noodles, Mess Free Painting, Making Waves)

Sensory Activity #6- Jello Excavation

Sensory Activity #7- Painting and Drawing

Mama Approved TV- Daniel Tiger

Movies That Won’t Scare Your Toddler

Teaching Numbers To Your Toddler

“They Don’t Want To Play With Me”

10 Benefits of Screen Time for Toddlers

2 Year Old Imaginations (telling stories and pretend play)

My Little Outdoor Helper- 2 Years Old and Helping With Family Responsibilities

3 Ways to Contribute to Your Mom’s Club – & My Little Hostess

7 Ways to Encourage Toddlers to Embrace their Natural Scientific Tendencies

Breakfast Math- A Preschool Math Activity

Fun at the Grocery Store with Our Toddler (2.5 Years Old)


First Day of Gymnastics (oh the struggles)

Second Day of Gymnastics (our rules)

26th Month Update (gymnastics struggles)

My Little Gymnast (2 years old, 8 months of gymnastics)

First Class Tadpole Level- British Swim School

Swimboree Level- British Swim School

Seahorse Level- British Swim School

British Swim School- An Interview with Caroline’s Instructor


Product Reviews

Must Have List for Baby

Favorite Products/My Amazon Store

DIY Learning Tower (Kitchen Helper)

Best Toys for 2 Year Olds

Friday Finds – Products we love


Why I Love Cloth Diapers

Types of Cloth Diapers & Money Saving Tips

Cloth Diaper Essentials (See category on left in Amazon store)

A Disposable Diaper in Our Washing Machine


Start As You Mean to Go On (5 months old)

My Daughter Refused to Poop in her Diaper (7 months old)

Caroline’s First Trip

Potty training Continued (11 months old)

Potty Training (The Plan)

Potty Training Update (17 months old)

Potty Training is Still Going (18 months old)

Potty Training On the Go (what to bring)

Official Potty Training Day 1


Official Potty Training Day 2


Official Potty Training Day 3


Official Potty Training Days 4, 5, 6, & Beyond

Our Potty Training Method in 10 Steps

Potty Training Accidents

Dry Pull-ups During Naps

Poop Talk- The Realities of Potty Training

How To Prepare For Potty Training As Early As 5 months Old- Plus a 10 Step Potty Training Method

Night and Nap Potty Training


Independent Play- Our Progression

Reviving Independent Play “Room Time”

8 Independent Table Activities for 2 Year Olds

Preparing For Baby #2 with the Use of Independent Playtime


The Amazing Zoli Teething Stick

We Finally Got Around to Teething

First Dentist Appointment- What to Expect

2 Year Old Dentist Appointment– What to Expect, Product Recommendations, Dentist Recommendations, and more!

2.5 Year Old Dentist Appointment


Start As You Mean To Go On (Post discusses showering with little one and our favorite bath ring)


Bath Products (see category on left of Amazon store)

Shower Time

Bath Ring – Makes Bath Time SOOOO Easy!

10 Bath Time Confessions (Guest Post, but SOOO me!)


Taking the First Step to Finding Childcare

First Day of “School” (Mother’s Day Out Program)

First Year of School “Halfway Report”

Going to School Book List

School Lunch Ideas (see “Eat” page under the toddler section)

Year 2 of School (Mother’s Day Out)- How we stopped the dreaded drop off crying!

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