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I read so many lists of things I should bring with me for labor, post labor for me, for my husband and for the baby. I honestly didn’t use most of the things I brought, but I thought it was important to pack a hospital bag.

Here’s what I decided to bring in my hospital bags

For me:
Toiletries- shower gel, hair stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc
Nursing bras
Change of clothes to go home in
Nipple cream
Lots of underwear

For hubby:
Change of clothes

For baby:
A couple of outfits
Car seat
Hats (it was winter)

Chargers for both of our phones

Breast pump

Here’s what we used in the hospital

CHARGERS! We listened to music on our phones during labor, and took lots and lots of pictures…so we needed to charge those phones.

Clothes for me, hubby and baby to go home in, the baby blanket and hats since it was winter and we had to cover her up good when we transported her from hospital to car in the car seat.

That’s it!

The hospital gives you everything else. They gave me a pump to use while I was there.

They gave me pads galore, and underwear so I didn’t have to ruin mine! They give you everything baby needs and then some- make sure you take it all home!

And while this may sound gross…we were so exhausted that we weren’t taking the time to shower…we were sleeping when we could and enjoying our new bundle of joy.

We showered when we got home. I wasn’t planning on that because it sounds pretty gross…but we just didn’t see the need.

I’ve also read a million times over that you shouldn’t wear deodorant so that baby can bond with your true scent.

Well she got my true scent, and my husband’s LOL

I, of course, wear deodorant now that we are home in our daily lives, but let’s face it… no one expects you to look or smell amazing in the hospital… and the only visitors we were having were close family.

You really wont care about your looks because you will be so caught up in the joy of your new life!

So the bags of things that I had my husband drag up to labor and delivery… well they simply had to be lugged back to the car…along with all of the things we were given from the hospital, along with our new addition! Save your hubby the time and effort and pack light…bring extra bags, though to bring  home all of your new goodies!

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