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Mama’s Organized Chaos- All about Mama

Mama's Organized Chaos- All about Mama- Katrina VillegasThis blog is all about my experiences as a mama! Getting our baby to learn day from night, sleep well, and be generally happy! I will tell the trials and errors and all of the successes along the way!

My name is Katrina Villegas. Just a little bit about me… I went to high school and college in Texas, and attended Texas A&M University (WHOOP)! I majored in chemistry and quickly started work at a biotechnology company in Austin.

My position as a lab tech transformed into a career as a process engineer. It was my job to streamline the process, increase quality, decrease cost, etc. It was all about efficiency!

After about six years, I decided to get my master’s degree in teaching. I attended Frostburg State University and started teaching high school chemistry that year. I taught for 3 years and absolutely loved it!

In the Spring of 2014 I was finally pregnant (we’d been trying for over a year and a half), and in November of 2014 my world changed. Caroline Villegas was born. She became my whole world, my passion, my love. My husband and I agreed that I would stay home with her.

In the Spring of 2017, I became pregnant with our second daughter, April Rey. We were absolutely ecstatic, and this time around we did not have to do any fertility treatments! We found out 15 weeks into the pregnancy, however, that sweet April Rey had trisomy 13 (a terminal condition). We said hello and goodbye to our baby girl on 8/8/17.

I am now pregnant with our third- William Villegas. He is due in January. Read all about my pregnancy updates here!

So here we are. I am a stay at home mom. I am applying all of my engineering, teaching, and life experiences to making my job as a stay at home mom go as smoothly as possible. My career as a stay at home mom is challenging and so rewarding.

I am constantly tweaking things and trying new things to give Caroline the best experiences. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it is trial and error and a whole lot of research and trust. With the internet at our hands these days, other new mamas like me look up everything and try to connect online. There is a lot of conflicting information out there!

At the end of the day, the reality is you have to do what is best for you and your baby…and what worked great for one mom doesn’t necessarily work great for another. There are certain things that I believe can work for everyone, though. So… this blog is meant to be a compilation of all the trials and errors and successes.

What worked great for us, was the use of Babywise techniques. It quickly became a passion of mine and I wanted to share with the world how my family is prioritizing sleep.

As an engineer we always said “don’t reinvent the wheel” and “share best practices”. That’s the idea of this blog… these are my best practices so that you might not have to reinvent! 🙂 There’s also no getting around the fact that we somehow all have mommy brain now…so I want to make sure that I remember my own best practices for any future babies of ours! 🙂

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