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Fertility, Pregnancy and Baby Prep

This page is all about our fertility struggles, our pregnancy journeys, and preparing for baby!

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This page is all about our fertility struggles, our pregnancy journeys, and preparing for baby!

Fertility Journey, Pregnancy Information, and Preparing for Baby

What Does a Midwife Do? (so much more than natural home births)


About Mama

My Fertility Journey

Marching Into Our Special Month- Fertility Journey #2

Giving Sperm a Head Start with a Remarkable Process – IUI 

2nd Fertility Cycle (IUI) Results and Pregnancy Announcement


My Birth Story (Caroline)

Real Moms Real Stories- Birth Stories

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I’m Pregnant and I’m So Shocked!

4 Reasons to Announce Your Pregnancy Immediately

My Worries About Bringing A Second Child Into Our Home

Baby V #2 Bump Update- Almost 9 Weeks

High Miscarriage Risk- Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Baby V #2 Bump Update- 11 Weeks

Baby V #2 Bump Update- 13 Weeks

Baby V #2 Update 15 Weeks- The Longest Wait of Our Lives

Read all about Trisomy 13, Induction, and more about April Rey, here

Pregnancy Truths No One Talks About

Rainbow Pregnancy

These posts are all kept on my second blog. For the Rainbow pregnancy posts, you will be redirected there.

Baby V #3? I Know You are All Dying to Find out 

Baby V #3 Pregnancy Announcement (7 weeks)

Baby V #3- 8 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby V #3- 9 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby V #3- 11 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby V #3- 14 Week Pregnancy Update- Find out the sex of the baby!

Pregnancy After Loss- A Rainbow Baby

16 Week Pregnancy Update

19 Week Pregnancy Update

22 Week Pregnancy Update

30 Week Pregnancy Update

“I Have a Sister. She’s Dead.”

31 Week Pregnancy Update

William Will Be Arriving Soon

Birth Story William Reyes 34 Weeks 2 days

Our NICU Stay With Baby William

Dear William, I Can’t Imagine Life Without You

Baby Prep

Money Saving Tips (cloth diapering, baby food and more!)

Start As You Mean To Go On

Must Have List for Baby

Succeeding at Breastfeeding- My Story

Keep it Simple: 3 Ways to Set your Newborn up for Sleep Success (Guest Post by a sleep coach)

Tips For Successful Room Sharing

Best Gifts for Second, Third, Fourth Babies

Preparing for a NICU Stay with a Preemie (challenges and benefits)

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