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On this page you’ll find all of our posts related to eating. Everything from breastfeeding and giving solid foods, to recipes and school lunch ideas!



Real Moms, Real Stories- Breastfeeding on a Schedule

8 Benefits of Keeping Baby on a Schedule (Feeding on Demand vs. Feeding on Schedule)

Reaching Out, Touching You, Touching Me (A Sweet Breastfeeding Journey)

Knowing When to Drop a Feeding

How to Drop the Last Middle of the Night Feeding

When and How to Give Solid Foods to your Baby

Gnawing and Chewing

Money Saving Tips for Baby (Discusses making your own baby food)

Start As You Mean To Go On

When to Introduce Water to Your Infant

No Salt, Organic, Nitrate Free, Fresh Not Canned, OH MY!

Snacking with Baby On The Go

We Made it to our Goal of Breastfeeding for 1 Year

Schedules- Info on eating habits, times, etc can be found here listed by age

Handling the 3-6-9 Growth Spurts (When they happen and what to expect)

Weaning from Breastfeeding to Cows Milk


5 Rules For Our (Almost) 2 Year Old to Encourage Good Eating Habits

School Lunch Ideas

The Transition from High Chair to Booster Seat

How We Handle Food and Cup Throwing at the Table

3 Time Saving Products for Feeding Baby

Build a Learning Tower So Your Toddler Can Help Prepare Meals

Pincher Grasp at 9 Months Old


Food Friday Posts

Dinner Ideas (includes ideas for Babies Eating Finger Foods)

The Foodie Physician Recipes

Egg-Less Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Better Than Nestle Toll House!

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