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Eat Wake Sleep Cycle Month 11 Babywise

MONTH 11: 

Cycle length:  5/5.5 hours

# of cycles: 3

Wake time: 3-3.5 hours or 5.5 hrs

Nap time: 2 naps or 1 nap

MOTN: 0 feedings, 0 wakes

In Caroline's final month as a baby, she successfully weaned off of breastfeeding. We kept 2 nursing sessions until 1 week prior to Caroline's birthday.

Due to Mama needing to be on medication that isn't nursing friendly, we accelerated the weaning process and removed the final 2 feeding in the week leading up to her birthday.

We also started her on whole milk, and have kept the options open with 1 and 2 naps as needed.

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A typical schedule might look like this:

2 nursing sessions:

7 am nurse & solids, 12 pm solids, 5:30 solids, 6:30 pm nurse, 7:30 pm bed
Naps from 10-12 & 3-4 or has one nap from 12:30-3

0 nursing sessions:

7 am whole milk & solids, 12 pm solids, 4 pm whole milk snack, 5:30 solids, 7 pm whole milk, 7:30 pm bed
Naps from 10-12 & 3-4 or has one nap from 12:30-3

Solid food schedule:  

The big change in food this month was the addition of whole milk to Caroline's diet. We figured out that Caroline likes her milk WARM. And by warm I mean as hot as I can make it without it burning her!

It took a few days for her and I to get used to the change (when to offer, how to offer, etc). What we have finally settled on is offering milk first thing in the morning (a full glass). I then offer her milk when she wakes from her 2nd nap (or around 4 pm if we are on a 1 nap day).

This offering is another full glass of about 6 ounces. At 7 pm we offer her a smaller amount just to hold her over until morning. She takes anywhere from a few sips to a couple of ounces at this time.

Wake time

Caroline is doing a lot of walking now! She goes from the couch to her table, to her walker, to mama, etc. She has taken about 20 steps at once.

Her go to method of getting around is still crawling since she is more effective with that. It won't be long, however, until she is walking all the time!

She loves anything that she can push (ride on toy, chair, table, etc.). She is very interested in board books still. She loves her new tool set, peg toy, and is getting more and more interested in her tablet. She also started teething (yay for her 1st tooth) right after her 1st birthday.

Nap time: 

Caroline is still alternating between 1 and 2 naps. She mostly takes 2 naps a day. She loves having her blanket at nap time, and we will most likely be introducing a pillow soon!

Nighttime sleeping: 

Caroline is still sleeping through the night. Now that she is teething, she is wanting to go to bed earlier some days, and she is also having a tough time falling asleep some days. She gets the job done, however, with no assistance.

My personal experience-

Caroline is a toddler! She is walking so much, she is doing great with pooping on the potty, and she is talking a lot. She only has 2 real words that make sense (mama and dada), but she attempts so many. She understands when we ask her to do something, and can point to different objects or people in the room and in her books.