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Eat wake sleep cycle month 9 babywise


Cycle length:  4.5/5 hours

# of cycles: 3

Wake time: 3-3.5 hours

Nap time: 2 naps

MOTN: 0 feedings, 0 wakes

Caroline learned so many new skills during month 9! She learned how to crawl and how to "cruise". She is a little speedster now- all over the place.

She is very focused on attempting to talk, walk and climb as well. She is in leap 7 at the moment and has had some clingy periods to go along with it.

She has also had a runny nose and cough for about 2 weeks. She has been such a trooper through it all and hasn't complained one bit.

Amazingly, her sleep has been relatively unaffected by all of this. Oh, and she started school this month! She goes once a week to a mother's day out program for 4 hours. This has been a big month.

A typical schedule might look like this:

7 am nurse & solids, 12 pm solids, 4:30 pm nurse, 5:30 solids, 6:30 pm nurse, 7:30 pm bed
Naps from 10-12,  3-4

There were a couple of small tweaks to this schedule. First, I removed the 12 pm nursing session that we had last month.

We are in the process of weaning, so she is now down to 3 nursing sessions per day. The plan is to drop to 2 at 10 months, and then 1 feeding around 11/11.5 months, and drop the final one at the year mark.

The second change was to her second nap. It now starts at 3 instead of 3:30. This was something she did on her own.

I let her sleep as long as she wants now, and when she is tired, I put her down for her nap. This month she seemed to want her nap at 3, so I followed her lead. Her schedule is very flexible now, although she still sticks to it pretty consistently.

Solid food schedule:  

This month we decided to pull Caroline's highchair right up to the table. We removed the tray so she can sit with the family. Her food is given to her on a plate. She is eating like a champ!

A typical breakfast is about 6 baby pancakes and 1 yogurt, or 2 over medium eggs, a couple of pancakes and a yogurt. For lunch she typically eats half of a sandwich, veggies and some fruit. Dinner seems to be her lightest meal these days.

She is still actively feeding herself. No teeth yet but she is chewing big bites and handling things well on her own. Towards the end of this month she started throwing food again. She used to do this when she was done eating, so we would simply get her down from the table.

Now, however, she is throwing food just for fun and to see what happens. She seems to understand us, but doesn't respond much to our change in tone or message when we say "no".

So, we have started taking her plate away until she asks for more. We then hand her a couple of bites. If that goes well, we give her the plate back. We repeat over and over all day long. LOL!

Wake time

Now that Caroline is on the move, her wake time activities are much different. She is all over the place and can show me what she wants to do. She often goes over to her bookshelf and pulls the books out and flips the pages.

She loves her puzzles and is attempting to put them together. She is starting to put shapes in the shape sorter (when I show her where to insert the piece), and she is attempting to stack cubes. She is cruising and attempting to climb.

She uses her walker to push herself around the living room and hallway (this happened at the end of month 9). She opens cabinets, pulls clothes out of drawers, puts them back in, etc. She is a very curious little girl. It is fascinating to watch her think and to see what she chooses to do with her time.

Nap time

Again, naps have been very much the same. She takes 2 naps. I leave her in the crib from 10-12 whether she is sleeping or not. If she wakes early, she is content to relax and wait for me. Her afternoon nap varies slightly as well, and we just push bedtime earlier or later as needed.

Nighttime sleeping: 

Even through sickness this month, Caroline hasn't skipped a beat with her nighttime sleep. She puts herself to sleep and stays asleep for 12 hours. She would occasionally wake to cough or sneeze, but she put herself right back to sleep on her own.

This last week of month 9, she has started to wake around 6/6:30. Her naps have also been a tiny bit shorter and her sleep overall just not as solid since she can't breathe well while sick. I think this is a tiny bump in the road that will be back to normal when she can finally have her nose back!

My personal experience-

This might be my favorite phase so far. Caroline can move around and show me her interests. I love watching her learn and seeing what she chooses to do with her time. I love when she follows me into a different room. She isn't just stuck with me holding her now, she can actually decide that she wants to come with me and spend some time with Mama. I love love love this!