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Babywise Schedule Newborn 3-4 Weeks old

NEWBORNS (3-4 weeks):

Cycle length:2.5 to 3 hours

# of cycles: 6/7

Wake time: 1 hour

Nap time: get baby to sleep when they are supposed to sleep

MOTN: 1 feeding

Your baby is still a newborn. So with that in mind, focus mainly on establishing a feeding schedule at this age.

This is a bit of an awkward age when it comes to the schedule. You will notice your baby staying awake for longer stretches of time.

This is the age that they may start to fight naps, and then crash at random times. Continue to make sure they get FULL feedings.

You should aim for feeding your baby every 2.5 to 3 hours. It is important that you wake your baby up during the day so that you do not go past this amount of time.

Once again, they need the nutrition and you need to continue to give your feeding schedule a good chance.

Honestly, at this age it will feel as though you have no schedule. If your baby is hungry prior to the time you have scheduled, at this age you simply feed them.

They key at this age is waking them when they are supposed to eat if they happen to be sleeping, and trying to get them to sleep each cycle.

Again, it doesn't matter how you get this to happen as long as baby is napping! There were many days that I couldn't get my baby to sleep at the right times, and she wanted to eat earlier than scheduled.

You have to kind of just go with the flow. The schedule is a goal at this point!

As discussed in weeks 1-2, by waking her throughout the day, she will learn that she is supposed to be up. Open the curtains and show her daylight. This will teach her body that this is day and that day means wake time!

At this point you most likely have the go ahead to let baby sleep at night. SO- do NOT wake them at night. You don't need to wake them to eat or for a diaper change.

They will wake you if they need something. At this age, as long as you are getting enough feedings throughout the day, your baby will most likely only be waking once or twice a night.

Try to begin your schedule on time in the mornings. No matter how many times she was up last night... if your determined schedule of feedings begins at 7am, wake her at 7am and feed her to get your schedule started correctly.

Let's say that she woke up at 6am and was hungry...

Go ahead and give her a snack to tide her over. Try to lay her back down or get her to sleep if possible. Regardless of if she sleeps or not, wake her up at the desired wake time of 7 and feed her again.

A typical schedule might look like this:

Feed at  6am, 9am, 12am, 4pm, 6:30pm, 9pm

This is 6 feedings, 2.5-3 hours apart.

Printable baby schedules from newborn to 6 months:

Printable schedules months 1-6

Wake time

The wake time that you do have with your baby at this age should include activities such as tummy time, you can read to baby, sing to baby, and just hold and enjoy!

Nap time

Nap time can occur wherever, however you want at this age. Hold your baby and enjoy the snuggles! Don't worry about getting baby to sleep in the bassinet for naps, etc.

Try to work on getting your baby to nap at the correct times. This is difficult to do at this age, but start trying.

Nighttime sleeping: 

At this age it is a good idea to have your baby in your room in a bassinet. Since you will mostly likely be up all night it is easier on you and baby.

What to do if baby wakes at night:

1. Start by rocking/shushing/holding/etc - 

Try to get baby back to sleep.
  • If you are able to get them back to sleep, repeat this process 2 more times if they wake again
  • If you are unable to get them back to sleep move on to step 2
2. Check basic things such as if baby is cold/hot/needs to be reswaddled/etc - 

...and try to get baby back to sleep if you suspect and fix one of those issues

3. Change diaper- 

Try to get baby back to sleep after the diaper change

4. Feed baby! 

If you go through all of the above steps, and your baby is still crying, then go ahead and feed them. I always went through this checklist so that baby didn't get reliant on eating in order to sleep. If you take the time to do this hard work now, your baby will sleep longer at night very quickly!


My personal experience-

Naps were a huge struggle. I held her for most naps so that I could get her to sleep. Because naps were all over the place, in order to let her get SOME sleep during the day, I altered the schedule by 30 min in either direction. She was content with 6 feedings and was only waking once at night around 2am.