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Real Moms, Real Stories

Real moms, real stories- the good the bad the positive the truth

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This blog is all about being real. Sharing the good, the bad, and the crazy! Life as a mama is not always perfect, and raising a child isn’t easy. In my research and as I read blogs, before our baby arrived, I seemed to always find stories on what “should” happen. I found the ideal stories of the ideal babies. I decided when I made this blog, I wanted it to be real. I wanted to share our struggles along with our successes. I wanted other mamas to know they aren’t alone.

So, I’ve decided to put together a series called “Real Moms, Real Stories”.  Below you will see the topics that have been written on so far. Just click on the link to view all of the stories submitted to me!

If you have a story to share that fits into one of these topics (or have a new topic to suggest), please let me know! I am ALWAYS accepting new stories and would love to publish yours! Make sure it’s nonjudgmental please! Contact me on the form at the bottom of my collaboration page if you are interested!


Real Moms, Real Stories Topics:

Sleeping Through the Night    <— Click the link to view all stories!

Moms share when their babies started sleeping through the night, how it came to be, and they reflect on any obstacles that stood in their way and how they might do things differently next time.

Birth Stories   <— Click the link to view all stories!

Moms share their unique birth stories and give advice to first time mamas on making their birth plans. There are a variety of stories from c-sections to natural, vaginal births. There are mamas that were induced and mamas that waited out labor. Mamas that had some scares, some tragedies, and miracles.

Breastfeeding on a Schedule  <— Click the link to view all stories!

Moms share about how they have successfully breastfed using schedules! Breastfeeding can be very challenging, and these mamas discuss how scheduling made it easier for them and their babies!

Warriors <— Click the link to view all stories!

Unfortunately, there are so many women that have had to rise up and be warriors (as Joe Biden so gracefully put it). We’ve been raped, sexually assaulted, molested… you name it… many of us have a story. These stories are hard to tell, hard to think about, hard to re-live. These are stories from brave women that chose to share their hurt, pain and strength, so that other women can know they are not alone. So that we can all rise up and be warriors together.

Momfessions <— Click the link to view all stories!

I am beyond excited about this topic! We all feel it- the judgment from other moms, but mostly the self judgment when we feel we aren’t doing things up to par. These stories are here to remove those stigmas and judgments. As an example…I bathe my daughter once or twice a week- if I’m lucky! LOL I do it because I think it’s healthier, and also because it takes too much time to do daily…but I have definitely felt guilty about not being the mom that bathes her child daily as a part of bedtime routine, etc. These stories are all about owning up to the rockstar things we do as moms that aren’t totally accepted. Let’s just say them out loud…because we ALL do these things!

If you have a story to share on any of the above topics, please let me know! I am always accepting more submissions. And, if you have an idea for a different topic, I’d love to hear that as well! Email me here!

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