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Friday, November 11, 2016

BFBN Week (Babywise Myths): Haters Miss the Point: Babywise is More Than Just Sleep

The first Babywise book is very much about eating and sleeping. After all, it is focused on babies' needs- and guess what? Babies needs are pretty centered around eating and sleeping! There are some bigger picture concepts that are put forth in book 1 as well, however, and by the time you get to Childwise, Teenwise, etc., the books are hardly focused on eating and sleeping at all. Today Cole is discussing the bigger picture of Babywise and explaining that it is more than just sleep.

Cole writes:

"The purpose of the -wise series isn't to get your kids sleeping through the night as quickly as possible (although, BONUS!). The purpose is to teach new parents how to be good stewards of their children. The objective is a parent who is in control of their children and their family - one who can make the distinction between what is best for a child's development and what the child wants in the moment. "

Read more here: Haters Miss the Point: Babywise is More Than Just Sleep

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