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Welcome to Mama’s Organized Chaos!
Thank you so much for visiting. Using the menu above or the roadmap below you can find your way to anything you need.

Roadmap- Finding Your Way at Mama’s Organized Chaos

On this page, you will see the roadmap of MOC and learn how to navigate your way through this site to find everything you need on your parenting journey.

On this site you will find tons of resources! Everything from baby sleep and baby scheduling tools, to potty training and positive discipline tools. I’m so passionate about these resources that I want to share them with you.

I hope you stay awhile.


Mama's Organized Chaos Author- Katrina VIllegas

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Eat Wake Sleep Cycle

One of the best things you can do for your baby is provide them with the structure of a basic routine or pattern throughout the day. The eat, wake, sleep cycle is one of my favorite tools and will soon become yours as well when you see just how much benefit there is to using it.

Click here to find out more about the eat wake sleep cycle, along with tons of other scheduling and routine resources for your baby.

This is the most popular post on Mama’s Organized Chaos!!!
Click here to find all of the ideal wake times for your baby listed out by age, and grab the FREE printable wake time chart…

ideal wake times

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Sample Baby Schedules

When you are trying to put your baby on a schedule, one of the most useful things is to have a starting point and point of reference. These sample schedules are just that.

Every single month, I recorded the schedule I was using at the time for each of my children. The schedules differ slightly since each baby is unique, but these schedules will show you real examples of what worked for us and what typically works for a baby at each month during the first year.

Click here to view all of my sample schedules (over 2 years)!!

Wondering where to go from here?

Well, once you know the eat, wake, sleep cycle, and have learned about schedules, you need more information on each part of this routine. I’ve got you covered and have everything compiled for you:

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Home Page

Head over to the Feeding Infants & Toddlers page to view posts about breastfeeding, feeding on a schedule, starting solid foods, and more for the toddler age.

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Home Page

First check out these schedule & routine tools for wake time.

Then, head over to the play and learning page to plan out your baby’s wake activities!

baby sleep solutions book

Baby Sleep Solutions

I LOVE holding a book and having all of the information I need in ONE place. I finally compiled everything you need to tackle baby sleep, schedules, feedings, etc. into a BOOK! I am so proud of this accomplishment and am so happy to offer this book in paperback, e-book and audiobook!

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Printable Parenting Tools

I strive to make parenting easier for parents. When I make and use a tool successfully, I also provide it for you to use!

In the printable parenting tools shop, you can find a variety of things including printable schedules to help you along in your journey during the first year. Each page has recommended times, feedings, naps, and more.

There are tons of other printable resources in the shop as well! Potty training reward charts, and even a few things for Mama!

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Development & Milestones

If you have schedules and sleep down, or are moving into toddler phases, you might be interested in these next topics on development, regressions, behavior issues, milestones, and positive discipline.

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I closely followed the wonder weeks and wrote about each mental leap of the first year.

You can find that and more about basic milestones such as speech and even preemie development on this page.

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Home Page

Behavior regressions and sleep regressions are a real thing. It’s important to know they happen, and why they are happening so you can move past these regressions quickly and smoothly.

Learn how to handle these regressions on this page.

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Learn the ins and outs of teaching desired behaviors, addressing tantrums, using positive reinforcement and consequences, and even setting boundaries.

Find it all on this Behavior page.

Diapers & Potty Training

Ever enjoy something that everyone else seems to hate? I really enjoyed potty training. LOL! I think I enjoyed the challenge, and really again there’s a way to organize it and attack it with a plan in place that works.

When your child is ready, and when you are ready, this practical 10 step potty training method works!

View all of my cloth diaper posts and potty training posts at this page.

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The Highly Sensitive Child

We knew pretty immediately how unique and special our daughter was, but it took us years to finally understand what was so unique about her and why.

Our daughter is a highly sensitive child. We’ve learned so much about what that quality means to her personality and character. Follow along with us as we learn about what this is, how to best support her, and more.

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Home Page

Family Life

When I first started this blog, our oldest daughter was about 5 months old. I started it for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted a good way to keep in touch with family and record some of our wonderful memories.
  2. I wanted a place to record the baby schedules we were using so that I could remember them for our next baby!
  3. I wanted to share our schedules with other parents that could benefit from them.

This blog has turned into so much more, and I am so proud of what it’s evolved into. If you are interested in learning more about my family and sharing in our memories, I welcome you to follow along with the FAMILY LIFE page.

There you will find letters I’ve written to our children, Caroline, April and William, along with some fun family moments we’ve recorded.

And, if you’re interested to learn more about April, our daughter that died at birth from trisomy 13, her page “April’s Place” and blog can be found here.

There’s Even MORE!!!

Above is kind of the roadmap to the big stuff on this blog, but gosh there’s so much more. I have posts on the following:

Pregnancy & infertility
Stories from other moms
My raw feelings on parenting topics
Favorite baby products
DIY, travel & organization

Follow below for my popular posts, and the most recent posts.

Most Popular Posts:

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Home Page
The best potty training method in 10 easy steps

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