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At the start of the year, we decided to let Caroline have a pillow in her crib. Our doctor had informed us that once Caroline was 1 year old, blankets and pillows were allowed in the crib. While she has had a blanket for a couple of months already, we had waited to give her a pillow.

We found a pillow that is toddler sized on Amazon and comes with a pillowcase. We all know that you need a backup pillowcase, so I ended up ordering two of these pillows. Sadly, that was cheaper than just buying an extra pillowcase!

Caroline certainly doesn’t mind her pillow, and even stays on it when we place her on it. She does move off of the pillow eventually, however. She seems indifferent about it, really.

We also started letting her have a stuffed animal in bed with her recently. She loves her stuffed animals! She gives them kisses, snuggles, and plays with them, too. She LOVES having one to snuggle up to in her crib. She often sleeps with “Pete the puppy” right on top of her. We’ve decided to rotate the stuffed animals in the hopes that she doesn’t get too attached to one particular one. So far, while she has shown a preference to Pete, she is just happy to have one with her and hasn’t complained for a specific one.

It is amazing watching her in her crib. She falls asleep so well- thanks to the sleep training that we did back when she was 4 months old. She takes great naps, and simply loves her sleep. When she wakes, she plays quietly, talks and looks around. She is such a big girl and knows mama will come when nap time is over.

Lisa Lion
Berry Bear
Lenny Lion
Pete isn’t even pictured he’s so new!

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