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Easter Basket Ideas For 2 Year Old

Easter baskets are a huge tradition in my family. This is my second year getting to fill and hide an Easter basket for our two year old daughter, and I am so excited!

Yes, you read that right…we hide the entire Easter basket, not just some plastic eggs. My dad did this for my entire childhood, and it was so much fun.

I am starting to plan what I’m going to be putting in Caroline’s basket this year, and I like to make sure that I am not just wasting money.

I want to get things that she’ll actually enjoy using, and that are useful. Really my goal is to buy things that I need to buy anyway, and have them turn into fun Easter basket goodies!

Easter basket ideas for 2 Year Olds:

Hair accessories:

With a little girl, it is inevitable that we need more and more hair accessories. Tiny little hair bands just get lost.

I am not even one to buy bows and girl it up, and this is on our list of things to buy every few months!

We are finally moving into normal hair ties (instead of the plastic ones that break), so it is coming up less and less, but still always a fun idea that we’ll get use out of!

Nail polish:

I just painted my daughter’s toe nails for the first time and she really enjoyed it… except I didn’t have her favorite color: purple! So, purple nail polish it is!


Stickers are always a great activity for this age and we can never have enough.


Caroline can’t get enough books. She loves every single book she owns and cycles through them pretty frequently. I can never go wrong with a book!


For some reason we always need more socks. Socks are the limiting factor as to whether or not I need to do laundry. More socks actually equals doing laundry less often!

Learning Toys:

Instead of buying a $1 plastic toy in the clearance section of Target, that will get used for all of a few minutes and then tossed aside and thrown away eventually…consider adding to your puzzle collection, block collection, etc.


There will be a Reese’s egg in my daughter’s basket…if I can decide to share! LOL!

Art supplies:

Markers, pencils, paint, and paper are all great gifts and will keep giving by engaging your child in activities.

What are you putting in your child’s Easter basket this year?

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