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Leaps & Milestones

This page contains links to all posts related to milestones. You'll find some posts listed by age, others by the milestone itself, and several on the topic of leaps and wonder weeks!

Baby Brains

Babies Are So Unique

Leaps/Wonder Weeks

Leaps and Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks Book Reviewed

The Wonder Weeks "Grey Period" - What is it?

Wonder Weeks Leap 6

Wonder Weeks Leap 7

I feel Like Such a Terrible Mother (Leap 10)

Leap 10- It's Happening, She's Talking

Wonder Weeks Data Collection - Add your experiences here!

Milestones By Age

Specific Age Milestones are Also Listed On Each Baby Schedule Page (here)

Milestones First 6 Months

Pincher Grasp at 9 Months Old

As You Approach Your First Birthday

Almost 2 and Look What I Can Do

Developmental Milestones: Caroline can Catch (23 months) 
Includes checklist from the CDC on milestones and acting early

Fine Motor Skills (Dr Survey) 2 Years old

6 Things My Barely 2 Year Old Does That BLOW Me Away

2 More Things My Barely 2 Year Old Does That BLOW Me Away

25 Months Video of My Daughter Talking Up A Storm

Expressing and Identifying Emotions (27 months old)

3.5- Big Girl, Big Steps- Toddler Going Potty All On Her Own

Speech Milestones

Encouraging Talking

Speech Goals- 15 Months

How to Encourage Your Young Child's Communication Development

20 Months Speech Milestones

Speech Development -22 Months

A Surprising (language) Skill for an Almost 2 Year Old

2 Years Old- Descriptive Speech and Finding Explanations (28 months)

Physical Milestones

First Steps- Kind of

We Have a Crawler

Stair Master

Our Little Walker

Other Milestones

We Finally Got Around to Teething

Saying Thank You

Teaching the Alphabet (1.5 Years Old)

Shower Time

Transitioning from Crib to Big Girl Bed- How it Went!

5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Meet Literacy Milestones