Wonder Weeks Leap 2

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William entered Wonder Week 8 (Leap 2) just as expected…based on his birth date.

The changes we noticed in him during and after this leap were a bit more subtle than in leap 1.

He wasn’t suddenly checking off a bunch of physical milestones.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed “changes” had I not known about this leap. I would have noticed the fussiness, however…

wonder weeks leap 2

The Second Wonder Week

The second wonder week, is called “Wonder Week 8”. It occurs sometime around the 8 week mark for your baby.

Since it is the second wonder week, it is referred to as “Leap 2”.

This leap is “The World of Patterns”.

“He will become able to recognize simple patterns in the world around him and his own body.”

The Wonder Weeks (van de Rijt and Plooij), page 56

The biggest things I noticed during this leap were his ability to recognize nap time, his alertness, and his overall fussiness during wake times.

He knew the patterns and routines well enough, that just walking towards his room for nap time, he was starting to complain about it.

I used to be able to set him down in his crib and just walk away.

Now, he was fussy and crying before I could even lay him down.

He was and is still very aware of when it is nap time, and when we leave.

He’s required more help in getting to sleep (whether that be a pacifier, or bouncing/tapping in the crib).

He’s crazy alert. His head hits the mattress and his eyes are as wide as can be.

wonder weeks leap 2

He’s fussy during wake time. He seems to want to be doing more, yet isn’t interested in what we are doing with him, and isn’t capable of doing much.

It’s hard to keep him happy during wake times right now, which is a challenge, because his wake times have increased.

See his week 10 schedule for the increased wake times.

Wonder Weeks Chart

Page 68 in The Wonder Weeks book outlines a checklist of new skills that your baby might be learning.

For more detailed information, check out the book! Here is our experience with each of the skills:

“He will choose what he considers the most appealing. Some babies will try to learn a variety of new skills, using one or more of their senses. Some will seem particularly interested in exploring this new world with their eyes. Some will prefer to try out their talking and listening skills. Others will become more adept with their bodies.”

The Wonder Weeks (van de Rijt and Plooij), page 71

William focused on a couple of main areas for sure, instead of doing a broad sampling of the things listed in the checklist…

wonder weeks leap 2

Body Control

  • Holding head upright when he’s interested and alert
  • He’s starting to turn his head when he finds something interesting
  • Rolls from side to stomach and side to back easily
    • He’s one step further and rolls from belly to back fully
  • Kicks legs and waves arms- ALL THE TIME (he never stops)!
  • Allows us to put him in a sitting position and standing position
  • Lifts his head when lying face down
  • He’s able to look left and right when on his belly
  • He’s just barely making some faces
  • Kicks at plaything
  • No desire to sit yet
wonder weeks leap 2

Hand Control

  • Not interested in swiping at toys
  • Not interested in grabbing objects
  • Doesn’t hold anything, even if we put it in his hand- he immediately drops it
  • Doesn’t touch and feel objects yet
wonder weeks leap 2

Looking and Seeing

  • Watches people moving
  • Fascinated by children (big sis) playing close by
  • Enjoys watching TV
  • Watches pets when close by
  • Likes to look at lights and outside
  • Enjoys watching people
  • Hasn’t really discovered his hands, feet, knees, etc. (although he’s good at sucking on his hands at naps and night)
  • Doesn’t look at details yet
  • When out and about he’s not looking much at items
wonder weeks leap 2

Listening and Chatting

  • Enjoys listening to voices
  • Makes short bursts of sounds
  • Makes eh sounds to attract attention
  • Does not repeat sounds
  • Does not sing along with you
  • Does not “chat” with cuddly toys
  • Does not interrupt others talking, he just listens
wonder weeks leap 2

I’m actually surprised as I went through the list just now- He’s doing more than I would have thought. Most of this, however, he’s been doing for quite some time- long before the leap!

Signs and Fussiness

William is wide awake. Wide awake when it’s time to sleep. Wide awake when we’re out. Wide awake all the time! LOL

He’s just super interested in the world around him right now.

He can be yawning and obviously tired, but if I take him up to his crib, he tries to fake me out with the widest eyes ever.

Naps are not easy right now. It’s hard for him going down for naps and staying asleep. There are days I feel like I’m constantly helping him get back to sleep.

Bedtime is much better than it used to be. I think this is largely in part due to his new schedule and earlier bedtime.

He’s eating at 4 pm, then going down for a nap from 5:30-6:30. He then gets up and has awake time until 7. At 7 pm I feed him and put him to bed.

Many nights he’s asleep before 8, and pretty much is always asleep by 8:30. This is a HUGE improvement!

He’s very aware of nap time. He knows his routine, and he knows that when we go to his room, it’s time.

As soon as I walk in his room and he’s fussy about a nap already and telling me he doesn’t need it.

He’s taking much more assistance to fall asleep now for naps only.

He also knows when we leave and enter the room. We can be as quiet as a mouse- he knows and lets us know he knows!

Wake time has also been really hard. He’s crying even during wake times and seems to only want mama.

I feel like he needs new things to look at, but then at the same time he’s just not interested in much.

wonder weeks leap 2

We go outside, and he got his first walk in the stroller during this leap. He’s enjoying bath time and naked time so much.

Those are my defaults when I can’t get anything else to work!

I have been thinking about getting a water mat for him to look at:

And maybe a mat like this or something with a mirror:

At the same time, he’s not grabbing at things yet, so his interest is to come.

But, that’s why I came up with some of the tummy time ideas above.

Caroline was an early sitter (4 months), and I loved it. I loved that she could see and do so much more. I have a feeling he’s not going to be a sitter based on his current lack of interest in it!

He is rolling and trying to scoot along on his belly already, however! His legs are super active. I think he might be my early crawler!

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