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MAMAS! I am THRILLED to announce that prAna and Stonyfield have teamed up to offer us an amazing giveaway! Before I tell you all about the giveaway, let me just tell you about why these two companies are so fabulous. PrAna and Stonyfield are two very environmentally friendly companies. Did you know that Stonyfield actually makes their multi cup yogurt packs from plants!? And prAna uses materials like organic cotton and recycled products in their sustainability efforts to make their clothing.

So the giveaway… one lucky reader is going to get your very-own choice of any organic cotton piece of clothing valued up to $99! I was also given the opportunity to choose a piece for myself, and I have to say, the clothing is so soft, such high quality, and simply fabulous! My favorite item is the Bridget Lined Shirt. It is thick, warm, and it may be the most comfortable piece of clothing I now own!


I plan on wearing this shirt to keep me warm on my walks and outdoor adventures with Caroline. It is a great shirt to help me stay warm, look nice, and still be comfortable running around with my almost toddler! I might just grab my favorite flavor of Stonyfield Oh My Yog! (Quebec Blueberry) and have an quick snack after that morning walk of ours!

In addition to providing us with an amazing giveaway opportunity, prAna is also letting my readers get 15% off at Not valid for prAna Influencers, on Gift Certificates or with any other offers. Valid Nov 1 – Dec 15, 2015 Use the following code to earn your discount: JBYF15MOC




What the winner gets

-Your very own choice of ANY organic cotton piece of clothing from prAna valued up to $99

The deadline

-November 16th


How to enter (each worth 1 entry, and you can enter as many times as you like!)

1. Comment on my giveaway Facebook post with a topic you’d like to see discussed on our blog (example: how to switch baby to 1 nap) Please post on the FB PAGE not the discussion group, thanks!

2. Copy and share the following message on Facebook (you can add to it if you like):

@MamasOrganizedChaos is doing a #giveaway for a free piece of organic clothing up to $99 #mamasorganizedcgiveaway

3. Copy and Tweet the following message: 

@MamasOrganizedC is doing a #giveaway for a free piece of organic clothing up to $99 #mamasorganizedcgiveaway

4. Share ANY link to ANY of my blog posts via facebook or twitter and make sure to use #mamasorganizedchaosgiveaway so I can find it!

Enter as many times as you’d like by November 16th!

Make sure you use the hashtag #mamasorganizedcgiveaway  when you share or tweet so I can find your entry!

I will then randomly select one winner and announce the winner on November 16th!


Disclaimer: I am a Stonyfield YoGetter blogger, and this sponsored post is written by me in partnership with Stonyfield and prAna.All opinions are always my own.

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