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My husband and I love our electric toothbrush. We will never go back to using manual toothbrushes. You just don’t get nearly as good of a cleaning.

I know full well that when Caroline gets to be a little bit older, she’s going to want a toothbrush like Mama and Daddy have.

So, when I saw an advertisement for an electric toothbrush for babies, I was pretty intrigued and excited to try the product. As a blogger, I have a unique advantage in that I can offer to do a review of a product on my blog (where it will reach thousands of potential new customers for the company), in exchange for a free item. I was SO excited that Foreo took me up on this offer! Below is my honest opinion of this product.

So, there were several questions I wanted answered about this toothbrush:

1. Does it clean well?

2. Is it safe?

3. Will it make a huge mess?

4. Does my daughter like it?

My first thoughts on the product:

– Well packaged, although I couldn’t get the box open without prying it open with a butter knife LOL (that might be a personal issue though…who knows!?!)

– It is lightweight and well designed

– I love the thick handle and soft texture, as it will be easy for my daughter to handle (1.5 years old), and will not slip out of her hands easily.

– The information states that after charging for 1 hour, it delivers a charge that lasts for 8 months!?!?! WOW, if that is true that’s awesome! I’ll try to remember to come back here in 8 months and report on this!

– The charger is a usb cord and it doesn’t come with a plug. I thought this was odd, since most of us don’t have usb connections in our bathrooms, and probably don’t want to charge a toothbrush on our phones or laptops. Including a plug adapter would have been nice here. Although, if I only have to charge it once every 8 months I suppose it isn’t too big of a deal.

– Just like my adult sonicare, this toothbrush has a timer and notifies you when to brush another quadrant of your mouth, and also tells you when 2 minutes is up. I personally love that feature as an adult, and it will be even more beneficial to a child.

– The device illuminates with a smiley face if the child brushed for 2 full minutes, and a frowny face if not. Love the immediate feedback for the child!

– The toothbrush stands upright. I love this since it won’t be lying on the counter or need to sit in a cup, etc.

After looking through the information, it was time to try it out. I tried it on myself first. I used this in place of my regular toothbrush first thing in the morning. I realize this product is not their adult version, but I wanted to get a good feel for it.


Here’s what I found out through my own personal testing:

1. This product cleans just as good as a manual toothbrush. My teeth felt clean (not as clean as when I use my sonicare, but certainly as clean as when I use a manual toothbrush). I am assuming that the adult toothbrush would leave more of a clean feeling that is comparable to my sonicare (I’ll have to try one if I get the chance and test it out). This toothbrush cleans well enough, however, and could easily replace the manual toothbrush that we are using with our daughter.

2. This product is safe. I made sure to miss my teeth, and hit the back of the toothbrush into my teeth, etc. (just as a young child would do on accident as they are learning to brush). With my sonicare, that can be an unpleasant feeling. With this toothbrush it was NOT a problem. It was not uncomfortable, and I didn’t feel like I could hurt myself with it (even intentionally).

3. It does NOT make a mess. With my sonicare toothbrush, if I take it out of my mouth while still on, toothpaste sprays everywhere. I didn’t want my child to have a toothbrush that did the same. I’d be cleaning the mirror twice a day! This toothbrush does not spray toothpaste at all! I was really impressed with this. I took it out of my mouth several times to test this, and couldn’t get it to spray and make a mess. This was a fabulous surprise!

4. My daughter loves it! She allowed me to brush her teeth for a longer period of time (the full 2 minutes). I also have her practice brushing after I’m done, and she did this for much longer than usual as well. Every time we’ve been in the bathroom today she’s wanted to brush her teeth. The product definitely has her interest in brushing her teeth way up. This is always a positive!

Overall I really like this toothbrush for our daughter to use. It got her excited about brushing her teeth, she will feel as though she has a big girl toothbrush like Mama and Daddy, and it worked very well. This toothbrush is not intended to be a typical electric toothbrush. It pulsates instead of oscillating or creating a back and forth brushing motion for you. You still need to move the toothbrush as you would a manual toothbrush. I think this is important for children to learn, so I was happy about this! I feel like the price is a bit high for a toothbrush that will be used for a child. That being said, according to the information they have on their website, this toothbrush seems to be a lot more hygienic than a manual toothbrush, and they do have a good warranty. It also states, that the brush head only needs to be replaced once a year due to the minimized bacteria growth with the silicone material. That right there makes this a more affordable option.

Testing this product got me interested in some of their other products. I am questioning the adult toothbrush (not sure it would compare to my sonicare). I am very curious to try it, however. It says it has 8 speed settings, so I know it would pulsate much faster than the baby version that I tried today. They also have face cleansing brushes which simply seem like they would feel amazing!!!

You can find these toothbrushes at
The baby toothbrush (Issa Mikro) isn’t even on the market yet, but is soon to come! Keep your eyes out as you might want to give this toothbrush a try!

Interesting facts I found on their website:


Made of quick-drying, non porous silicone that resists bacteria buildup, the ISSA electric toothbrush is ultra-hygienic, carrying up to 10,000x less bacteria than toothbrushes with bristles.


The ISSA represents excellent value as its brush heads last for 1 whole year, plus it comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee.


The ISSA’s silicone bristles channel 183 high-intensity pulsations per second to create micro-sweeps that effectively and gently clean the teeth and gums.


The ISSA electric toothbrush directs Sonic Pulse Technology to break up and remove plaque, preventing tartar buildup and cavities, as well as stains to whiten and brighten teeth. Meanwhile, the silicone bristles comfortably massage the gums and inhibit over brushing, preventing gum recession and damage to tooth enamel.

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