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Well, year one is over, and to celebrate, Caroline thought she’d get her FIRST tooth! She’s been teething since the day she turned 1 year old.

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It is now about 3 weeks later and we can finally (kind of) see the tooth! LOL

I started to feel the tooth ever so slightly the day of her first birthday. We went in for her 1 year well check the next day, and the pediatrician confirmed my thoughts!

Her bottom right central incisor was making its appearance! She also agreed that her entire top gums were swollen and getting ready to do something as well!

My hope is that Caroline just blasts through and catches up on teeth! Rip the band-aid off and just do it all at once!

This might limit her misery and mine as well haha.

I knew it was real this time, and all I can say is things were just a little bit different than the many other times I thought she might be teething (and never was).

Her teething symptoms:

– Slightly elevated temperature around 100.8
– Runny/loose stool
– Decreased appetite

Now, mind you, not only is she teething, she is now walking, she is in her year 1 wonder week (leap 8), and she is learning a ton!

So, the tiredness and crankiness is most likely a combination of all these things happening at once.

As mentioned recently, not only are we solidly on a 2 nap schedule at the moment, her naps have been moved earlier and bedtime as well to accommodate her extra cranky/tired mood.

She is now napping at 9:30 instead of 10, and 1:30/2 instead of 2:30/3. Bedtime is 6:30 instead of 7:30.

The tooth is taking FOREVER! We can just start to see it when she opens her mouth, 3 weeks after I felt it for the first time!

Amazing how long this is taking. I am really hoping the others go faster for her sake.

What we are doing to help her:

We noticed that she was taking a very long time to get to sleep at night. She seemed to have trouble getting comfortable, which is unlike her.

So, before bed, we started giving her ibuprofen and putting Orajel on. During the day, I only gave tylenol on an as needed basis (if she seemed extra cranky and nothing else was working).

We give her frozen teethers, and she is eating a lot of pouches to supplement for the decreased appetite- which very well may be because her gums are hurting and she isn’t interested in chewing.

Excited to see when the next teeth come in!

I am so very happy that she waited until we were done nursing to get her first tooth! Hooray for my nipples being safe! LOL

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