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12 Month Baby Schedule

I don’t know where the time went, but William is now 1! In fact, as I write this he’s 13 months old. It feels like just yesterday he was a newborn in my arms. His schedule hasn’t changed much in the last month, but we’ve had a few tweaks to some things, so I wanted to give a quick update.

His bedtime changed slightly, and our offerings of milk have also changed.

He cut his first two teeth right after turning 1, and he also had RSV. Since Thanksgiving, Caroline had a birthday, he had a birthday, and of course Christmas and New Years happened. It’s been a busy couple of months, needless to say!

We had a small little celebration here at home with just the four of us for his birthday in early December. He enjoyed some brownies on this day, and we helped him blow out a candle.

Christmas felt like it was right after, and we had some nice time at home with Caroline since school was out for the holidays.

It’s now the second week of January, and I feel like we are just getting back to our normal routines.

Then, I had to throw a wrench in things and move him out of his crib! Yes, that’s right, this crazy mama had a crazy idea. At just 13 months old he’s no longer in a crib! I’ll write all about it below in the sleep section!

12 Month Old Baby Schedule

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

So to start with, his schedule got some minor tweaks and all bottles have been removed at this point. In the last two months since my 11 month update, he’s gone from 2 bottles, to whole milk offered 3 times a day, to hardly any at all.

7 am – He wakes up and I usually offer him whole milk at this point since we are usually slow in sitting down to breakfast.

8 am- We eat breakfast around this time.

9:15 am – He does independent play time for 15 minutes.

9:30 – 10:30 am – Nap #1. This nap was shortened by 30 minutes to help with some bedtime issues that we were having last month.

10:30 am- I wake him up.

11:30 am- We have lunch around this time.

1:30 – 3:00 pm – Nap #2. This one has no flexibility since it’s right between school drop off and pick up for Caroline.

3:30/4 pm- Milk is offered on some days, but he rarely takes it, so I’ve been offering it less and less.

5 pm- We eat dinner around this time.

7 pm- Bedtime was moved out by 30 minutes. He was waking in the middle of the night, and didn’t seem to be tired at bedtime. This change along with shortening his first nap seemed to really help the issue. He was given whole milk at bedtime for about a month after dropping the bottle. He wasn’t drinking it, so we don’t offer it any longer. He hasn’t missed it and he doesn’t wake in the middle of the night hungry.

His schedule is working perfectly right now!

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William eats 3 solid food meals a day. We do not offer snacks. He gets whole milk in the morning, and is sometimes offered whole milk in the afternoon.

He just got his first two teeth (bottom front). He has always managed to chew bite sized pieces just fine without teeth (as did Caroline). He is now taking bites of things like graham crackers when we give him the opportunity. He still loves to take a huge piece and shove it in his mouth and scare us, however, so we typically just give him cut up pieces of things.

He’s starting to use a spoon for things like yogurt and oatmeal. He understands the concept and is starting to actually get things in his mouth. Considering he’s only practiced a few times, I think he’s doing great!

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

He is using straw cups, and doesn’t understand how to use the miracle 360 cups at all! I wish he’d make the switch though because they are so much easier. I really need to make it a point to give him more opportunities to try, though.

He’s becoming a bit picky now with food. If he doesn’t like something he wants it off of his plate immediately, and will make that happen LOL!


I am so at a loss with what to do with William these days. He is only interested in toys for a short time. It’s not been very nice out, which I don’t totally mind, but he’s not walking yet, so if it’s muddy or wet or snowing it can be difficult since I have to carry him a lot. But, we still go out!

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

We go outside and he uses his walker on the driveway and loves watching Caroline on her scooter.

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

Inside he loves taking baths and splashing. He loves wrestling on the floor. Other than that, he’s over toys and not wanting to do much. I can’t hold his attention long. Caroline could sit and look at books and was interested in puzzles, etc. He’s just not. I’m going to have to get creative here or we’re all going to be bored haha!

He’s also not wanting to practice walking much, although when he does walk he just barely holds one of my fingers. I’d love to get him walking, though, because I’d start doing a mommy and me class-maybe gymnastics like I did with Caroline just for something engaging to do with him.

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

He is attached to me at the hip. OMG. He’s a mama’s boy. I love it, but I also realize I need to start introducing him to being away from me at times.

With Caroline we had her in a mother’s day out program once a week starting at 6 months old. William hasn’t had anything like that, so I’m definitely starting him in a program at the beginning of next school year.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to do some more activities with him and get him out and about with other people and other kids his age. I just have been so happy here at home, and life is busier with Caroline in school in the afternoons, so I just haven’t been near as social with him as we were with Caroline.

William only has two real words, but he’s now starting to say things in his own way that only my husband and I would understand LOL. He says Mama and Dada and it’s nice and obvious to anyone I imagine.

He’s now starting to say things like “buh” for up. And he says “ma” for more. He signals “all done” with his hands, and when he is trying to respond yes to something he gets a big smile and says “ah” and points. He also says the B sound for blueberries and book. So, he’s starting to get his point across to us and be able to answer little questions of ours.

He puts his hands up when we say “touchdown”, and he waves the cutest little wave. He rotates his hand all around. It’s so adorable.

He has started trying to stack two blocks together, and just this morning he tried and succeeded at putting two mega blocks together. With assistance, he’s now putting shape blocks in and rotating them around until they fit.

William has been sick since the beginning of December. We ended up in the emergency room twice this month for wheezing. He also tested positive for RSV. He’s had a rough time.

He always ends up having short quick breaths when he’s sick, and his respiratory rate is super fast. He has officially been diagnosed with bronchiolitis and is on Budesonide to try and proactively help his airway this season. We’ll keep him on his nebulizer treatments through his 15 month appointment and then reassess.


Sleep is going great. He does a 1 hour nap in the morning, and a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. He falls asleep at night quickly and stays asleep all night. He does not require any assistance from us unless he’s sick or having an off day in some way, but even then he never really calls for us much. Occasionally he wakes up about 45 minutes after we put him down. That seems to be fixed now that he’s feeling better, though.

I made a HUGE change that I wasn’t planning on making this month when it comes to sleep. He no longer has a crib in his room!

So here’s why I made this crazy change…

The rooms in this house are pretty small. We value independent time, and this time happens in our children’s rooms. They also keep the majority of their toys in their rooms because we don’t have an extra playroom.

In Caroline’s room (she’s now 5), I felt like she just didn’t have enough space. We got her a loft style bed to free up the entire floor space. It has been amazing!

I didn’t want to risk not being able to get the same loft bed, because it is affordable and good quality. I know William won’t be able to sleep in the loft portion for at least 4 more years, but I didn’t want to risk this bed being discontinued and not being able to find something. This bed seems like a steal to me! We purchased it for under $200 and it is going to work perfectly for our needs. It even has extra storage shelves under it.

So, we bought William a loft bed as well. We could have easily just fit the crib underneath and made it work for now, but I had this crazy idea…. What if we just put his mattress on the floor!? He is great about just going to sleep and really likes his sleep. I decided to run with this idea.

This is a picture of his new room layout with the loft bed and the crib mattress underneath:

kane loft bed

View the loft bed that we purchased by clicking here. We bought the dark brown for Caroline, and the gray for William. There is also a white, light wood color, and black. Both colors we got are great. This loft bed is an amazing price compared to its competition! At the time of purchase, we found the best deal at Walmart.

We kept the crib up the first night in case we ended up needing it. We didn’t need it though. William slept all night on his mattress and never tried to get off. He did a phenomenal job!

So, we took the crib apart (still have it just in case though), and he’s sleeping on his crib mattress under the loft bed!

I am so impressed with how well he’s done. Now I know the day will come when he realizes he’s no longer confined, and I’m sure we’ll have some hiccups at that point, but I think he’s going to do great with this, so we are all in and full throttle ahead with this admittedly absurd idea haha!

Favorite Items This Month

I have no favorite items to report this month haha! Seriously this child is not into any of his toys. His favorite things are probably his mega blocks, and a little picnic set. Other than that he likes spatulas and his thumb. LOL

He really just loves giving kisses and wrestling. He even kisses my coffee cup that has a photo of him on it! And if I put some sort of kitchen item in front of him he’s bound to love it. He helped bake cookies the other day and it was probably his favorite thing that he’s gotten to do lately.

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule
12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

We built a learning tower (see instructions here on how to make one) for Caroline to be able to be up at the counter with us, and he’s now using it as well. He loves being able to be up at the counter helping out and seeing everything going on.

This is William up at the counter standing on the learning tower:

12 month old eating and sleeping schedule

He also loves being outside, so I know when the weather gets nice we’re going to have a blast outside playing and gardening together.

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