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3 Time Saving Products for Feeding Baby

Sometimes baby/toddler products are worth buying. The only way to discern the products you’ll be wasting money on versus those that are actually helpful, is to ask those that have used them. Today I wanted to make a few recommendations related to feeding our little ones. Anything to make the process of pumping, storing and feeding breast milk easier is worth it to me, and I found an amazing product that I’ll be using for baby #2 again some day!  Once they graduate to solids, you’ll fall in love with the food pouch for on the go feeding (if you haven’t already). There’s only one annoyance, the squeezability factor to make a huge mess. Problem solved! Then there’s the choice of which sippy cup to use. Trying to find a good one that doesn’t leak is ridiculously hard- not to mention one that’s easy to clean. Well, I’ve found that as well, and we are never going back to normal sippy or straw cups in this house!

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit– When you think about pumping and storing breast milk, it often entails the following: pump into a bottle, pour into a freezer safe storage bag, clean bottle, thaw storage bag, transfer to bottle, feed, and clean bottles again. With the Kiinde system the process is this: pump into storage bag, freeze, feed from storage bag. NO CLEANING!!! There are pump parts to clean of course, and a nipple that you can rinse or throw into the dishwasher, but there is never any transferring and cleaning of bottles! This made my life so much easier. The bags worked great, and our daughter loved the nipples on the Kiinde system for feeding. Their starter set even includes a warmer to use when thawing, and attachments to work with your pump. This is an amazing system that was actually time saving and helpful!

Food Pouch Toppers– The food pouch in and of itself is a fabulous invention. You can take it on the go and have a snack in a moments notice. Your little one suddenly becomes independent for a moment when feeding themselves- until they learn to squeeze. Then the food pouch is more of a nuisance. In comes this amazing invention- the food pouch topper. This topper prevents the pouch from being squeezed and contents being lost out of the top! There must be a sucking action for the food to be released. Genius. Mama’s everywhere are doing happy dances when they find this!

Miracle 360 Cup- Sippy cups are not recommended by most dentists, since they can alter the natural oral development that happens in children. Straw cups tend to leak like crazy. I tried all sorts of them. All would be good one minute, then I look over at the counter it’s sitting on and there’s a huge puddle of water about to leak on the floor. Any pressure changes with the weather or temperature in your home and the next thing you know you’ve got a leak. They are also incredibly hard to clean. We were then recommended the miracle 360 cup by another mom. These cups leak only when they are thrown- hard. Yes, that happens, but rarely. I can count on this cup to hold water and not leak. Cleaning is a breeze…there are NO hard to reach places that I have to worry about. The hardest thing is that you have to remove a thin o-ring once in awhile and make sure to clean under it. It’s super simple. The cup also promotes a normal drinking motion and makes switching to regular open cups a breeze.

These products have readily made my life easier over the last 2 years. They are products that, if I lost them, I’d run out and buy them again. They are worth every penny and then some. Do you have products you swear by as well? Tell me about them in the comments! Let’s make sure we make our reviews and recommendations readily available to new moms, so they don’t have to go through the discovery process and figure it out for themselves!

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