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A Perfect First Board Game for 2 Year Olds

Two Christmases ago, my parents bought Caroline her first game: Roll and Play. This game is amazing for 2 year olds, and I’ve wanted to make a point of writing about it for quite some time. So 1.5 years later, here we go LOL!

2 year olds are just barely able to start playing games. I was thrilled to get this and very excited to give it a shot. I am a huge fan of playing games as a family, and I love games to teach rule following and patience.

It is hard to take turns. It is hard to not always win. It is hard to follow all of the rules- when you are 2. But it is also so much fun if it’s the right game.

This is the right game…

Why this game works:

– It has a physical component:
There is a large stuffed block that gets rolled before each play. We let Caroline roll for us as well to keep her entertained, so she was getting the physical play even when it wasn’t her turn.

– The content is the right level: “There are six categories of cards – emotions (giggle and laugh), body parts (rub your belly), animals sounds (bark like a dog), counting (count 5 fingers), colors (find something green) and actions (play pat-a-cake). “

Caroline had just turned 2 and she knew 90% of the content or more. At this age they just love practicing body parts, numbers, animal sounds, etc. They love showing off what they know! This game really engaged her as a result.

I love that this game is teaching so much…

1. Content

  • Emotions
  • Body Parts
  • Animal sounds
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Actions

2. Following Instructions

At the age of two, it is sooooo so important that your child listens to you well. There is no better way to practice this skill, than by playing a game! They have no idea that they are “listening” and following instructions… because they are simply having fun. All games really reinforce things like this in a passive way, and I just love that. 

3. Waiting Your Turn

Caroline starting learning to wait her turn when we joined gymnastics at 1 year of age. I am so glad she learned it so early, because she is a pro at it. When you are having fun, however, it is hard to stop and let someone else take a turn. This game is active, and fast paced, so it really gets the concept of waiting your turn in, without completely boring your child. It’s the perfect mix.

4. Grouping

Each of the categories has a specific color card. So the emotion cards, for example, are all blue. You can play this game by sorting and grouping the cards first as an extra activity. That way, picking a card is much easier than digging through a massive pile to find the right color. We do it both ways!

5. Creativity

I think any game like this really sparks creativity. We can come up with new ways to play the game, incorporate new rules, or even come up with our own (extra) content! If we’ve done all of the animal noise cards, then when we draw again, we can get creative and come up with new animals that aren’t on the cards. 

6. Predictive Skills

Did the block land on blue, again? What do you think the card is going to ask for? That’s right, an emotion! Even 2 year olds pick up on things like this. It’s a great way to teach them that they are learning predictive skills. 

At the 3 year old age Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherrio, and Zingo are our three favorites!


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