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I apologize for the inconvenience. My site was just migrated from blogger to wordpress, and instead of taking you to the schedule page, it took you to this update page I wrote back in 2015! Just click here to view the baby and toddler schedules page and I’ll get this error fixed shortly. Thank you for your understanding. -Katrina




The schedule pages don’t show up on the home page as a post when I make them live, so I wanted to remind everyone that I am updating the schedules page every month!


As Caroline finishes a month, I write the schedule for the month that has just been completed and update the baby schedules page.


Each page has information on the following:


1. Quick info

  • Cycle length
  • # of cycles
  • Wake time
  • Nap time
  • MOTN

2. Schedule 

3. Solid food schedule and specifics

4. Wake time (info on activities, toys, etc.)

5. Nap time (length and if there were any disruptions this month)

6. Nighttime sleeping ( MOTN wakings, how well she’s putting herself to sleep, length of sleep, etc.)

7. My personal experience (summary)


Caroline is now in month 10, so schedules for months 1-9 are all posted! Check them out and feel free to leave your schedules in the comments! It is always helpful for readers to have multiple schedules to look at. Thanks in advance!



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