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Baby V #2 Bump Update- 11 Weeks


I’ll be 11 weeks as of tomorrow! The first trimester is actually coming to a close here shortly! I can’t believe it! The baby is the size of a brussels sprout.


My symptoms have eased up a lot! I am just slightly nauseous, and can’t remember the last time I actually got sick (YAY)!

I’m starving and wanting to eat every couple of hours (which also keeps nausea at bay). Snacks are still at the forefront of our days, and I eat an extra snack or two in the evenings (depending on how late I’m up).

Fatigue is unreal. By lunch I’m just feeling like I’m hardly functioning. I actually try and nap while Caroline naps, although I’m highly unsuccessful in my attempts!

Weight Gain

According to my OB as of yesterday, I’ve lost a pound overall. No idea how that happened, since I’m eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m sure it will catch up with me eventually!


We had some emotional days as we found out the official news that I have antiphospholipid syndrome and am a high miscarriage risk. I’ve gotten the hang of my daily injections, however, and feel very comforted under the care of the high risk specialist moving forward.

Dr’s Appointments

I am going to have so many appointments!

In the last two weeks, I’ve followed up with my naturopathic doctor and my cardiologist, as the high risk specialist had requested. We ran the labs for antiphospholipid syndrome (which came back positive), and my cardiologist gave me a thumbs up that I’m in the clear with regards to any heart issues. We’ll be doing weekly at home EKG monitoring just to collect more data!

Once we found out the news about my having antiphospholipid syndrome, I went in to see the high risk specialist the next day. They taught me how to do daily injections of lovenox, and let me know that I’ll be coming in to see them every 4 weeks at a minimum to keep an eye on things (lots of ultrasounds sounds wonderful to me)! My next appointment with them is in my 12th week for the nuchal translucency scan.

My regular OB appointment earlier this week was uneventful…it is too early to hear the heartbeat on doppler, so we just caught up on symptoms, my results with antiphospholipid syndrome, along with the plan moving forward. We also went ahead with the Counsyl genetic screening testing. We had chosen not to do this with our first pregnancy, but decided for various reasons to go ahead and get the information this time around.


Food. LOL!

Chocolate milkshakes are at the top of my list right now, and cereal is still a go to for a safe meal!


The smell of regular sliced sandwich bread is still killer to me. I’ve transitioned Caroline off of PB&J sandwiches quite successfully, however, which is really helping! Textures are also bothering me right now. Usually an overripe banana is not appealing, but I can get it down if it’s all we have. This morning it just about caused me to lose my whole breakfast.


Caroline touches my belly every so often and asks about the baby inside. She continues to prepare herself by talking about how babies don’t know how to talk and can only cry to express themselves. Today we met up with one of her friends (who just became a big sister). As I got to hold the newborn baby, Caroline seemed fascinated watching. She talked about how the baby was sleeping and snuggling on me. When we got home from our playdate, she requested to be held like I held the baby. She closed her eyes and said how nice it felt.

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